Dark Souls Creator Expressed Interest In Making A Live Service Game

A Souls-focused battle royale game could be cool.

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From Software has expressed an interest in live service games--specifically battle royales. Although the developer wants to remain focused on single-player games for now--such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice--From Software isn't completely discounting any possibility of trying to create a multiplayer-focused title one day.

"There's always the possibility," From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki said in an interview with The Telegraph. "These games are definitely fun. And we're interested in the patterns they are taking. If we did it, it might be a bit different! But we're definitely interested and there's definitely that possibility in the future. We'd love to take a crack at them some day."

Miyazaki added that he hopes video games don't become entirely multiplayer-focused live service titles. "We do need this diversity in the industry," Miyazaki sad. "Regardless of what From Software is doing, we need people making battle royale games and live services and we need people making single-player focussed experiences. We feel that this diversity is what will keep everyone going."

The From Software president doesn't seem worried with single-player games fading into obscurity, though. "Single-player action games don't feel too rare in the current climate," he said. "While Devil May Cry 5 has some online elements, it's coming out two weeks before our game. And that's a very single-player focussed experience. We've also had God of War and Spider-Man."

The closest From Software has ever come to creating a battle royale game is the PvP Hollow Arena included in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls III. In Hollow Arena's Brawl mode, you can engage in six-player free-for-alls. However, unlike a traditional battle royale, you can respawn in Brawl mode and first place is earned by scoring the most kills, not outlasting the competition. So, to create an actual battle royale game would be a massive departure for From Software. That said, if Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice proves anything, it's that From Software is both willing and able to move away from the style of game it popularized with its Soulsborne titles.

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Avatar image for Bamda

I would quit gaming if battle royale games became the de facto standard.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

The mp part has never been the strong point of the Souls series. Especially not in DS3, where the lag made pvp completely unplayable. I really hope they focus on what they do best instead of following shitty trends.

Avatar image for sebb

It is every big suit corporate people's dream to have games as a service. Because this is the only situation that allows them to keep charging players forever for the same game. I doubt the actual programmers and artists who work on games actually want to work on the same game until they retire. As for players, I don't know how many would be happy to play the same game until they die. Probably quite a few, judging by what I see on Twitch. As for me I wouldn't like to and I wouldn't touch a battle royale game.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@sebb: i would love if they kept charging for the same game. something like destiny or battlefield could be amazing if they just added more stuff for years and decades. war game that includes ww1 ww2 vietnam iraq and even napoleon and older eras. 100+ maps with 1000+ weapons and vehicles etc in a single game

Avatar image for sebb

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: It's fine to want that but I hope they don't stop making single player offline games just because it doesn't profit as much.

Avatar image for justthetip

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: You’re the problem.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@justthetip: Problem is they're so wishy-washy with this. They talked about Destiny being a platform for a decade, but the game was about a year old when they started to talk about the sequel. And then Destiny 2 added or changed very little

But ofc they want just money so they're trying to take the best out of both worlds. Sell $100 game every year with full of microtransactions and a couple of season passes. Then pull the plug off the old game. And yea sure offline single player games are another genre of games, but I could also see something like ever-expanding Dark Souls MMO (except that instead of Massive it's a lot more low-scale) that just adds more and more map area. Gameplay difference between DS1 and DS3 is so small that I'd gladly just have all the three games in one game map, plus more added as continuous service.

Avatar image for Argle

Armored Core BR? maybe

Soulborne BR? F*** no

Avatar image for quibit

I have enough confidence in miyazaki, he could pull it off.

Avatar image for DarknessR18

Don't do it........please From for the love of the gods DON'T DO IT!!

Avatar image for sebb

@DarknessR18: Unfortunately, I think there is a good chance they will do it. A battle royale game and a game as a service, where they can keep charging players until the end of time, is too good an opportunity to pass on and every company's dream. Repeat business. Especially with a battle royale game where you don't have to make the game from scratch again but just add some stupid loot every week or so.

Avatar image for DarknessR18

@sebb: It's a horrible gaming future we're heading towards I think. Discless consoles, forced-online for every game, half-assed campaigns, mtx and MP/shared online focused garbage, mandatory updates where content is removed etc.

Avatar image for sebb

@DarknessR18: I'll always have my library of single player offline game, lol.

Avatar image for cboye18

The beginning of the end for From Software....

Enjoy their games while you can.

Avatar image for DarknessR18

@cboye18: Yeah. Before they're taken offline when the servers go down.

Avatar image for R34Vegeta

/grumpycatface ".....No."

Avatar image for starjay009

Gosh... not another Battle Royale bandwagon jumping Dev.

Enough is enough....

Avatar image for redhedjack


Avatar image for Tidus1012

"We need people making battle royale games".

No, we don't.

Avatar image for Barighm

There is a Souls-like BR. It's called Egress.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

No thanks.

Avatar image for mhfon

Et tu, Brute?