Dark Souls 3: How to Activate Invasion and Co-Op

Below you can find directions on how to trigger Invasion and Co-Op in Dark Souls III.


In keeping with Dark Souls tradition, this latest entry also allows you to invade the games of other players and play cooperatively. But like its predecessors, the means of activating these features in Dark Souls III aren't made obvious. Below you can find details of how to activate each multiplayer mode. Proceed with caution If you're wary of any types of spoilers for Dark Souls III.

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Important: You Need to be Embered to Enable Multiplayer

In order to activate Invasion or Co-Op, you need to be embered. This special state is triggered automatically after defeating a boss, but you can also trigger it at will with an Ember. If you don't have this item, you can find several in the following locations:

  • Cemetery of Ash: You can find one on a path to the right of the entrance of the Firelink Shrine.

  • High Wall of Lothric: There's three on a body behind the first dragon near the location of the Red Knight. You can also find two near the corpse of the Red Knight, near the area where you fight the Winged Knight.

  • Undead Settlement: You can find one on a hill to the right of the burning tree.

How to Invade Other Player's Games

You've Been Invaded.
You've Been Invaded.

For those unfamiliar with Invasion, it's the Dark Souls series' PvP mode where you can enter someone's game to engage in battle. Below you can find a few methods that can activate Invasion.

  1. Acquire a Red Eye Orb: You can use this item to invade another player's world as many times as you want. You can get it by completing a quest from Longfinger Kirk. Alternatively, the item is dropped by a Darkwraith found at the bottom of the lift under the Tower on the Wall bonfire. To invade, simply use the item and you'll enter the worlds of nearby players.

  2. Acquire a Cracked Red Eye Orb: This item is a one time use version of the Red Eye Orb. You can find either choose it as a Burial Gift or find them scattered throughout the world. Like the Red Eye Orb, this item only spawns you into the worlds of nearby players.

  3. Acquire Red Soapstone: This item allows you to set down a red summon mark, which other players must interact with to enter your world and vice versa. Unlike the methods above, the Red Sign Soapstone is an invasion that instantly spawns you and the other player together to duel. You can get one as a drop from

How to Activate Co-Op

Dark Souls III also lets you play with another player cooperatively, which is a great way to get some much needed help when your journey becomes too difficult. But before you activate the mode, it's important to note that you can only play cooperatively with players around the same level as you.

To activate co-op, all you need to do is interact with Summon Signs that--similar to messages--can be found randomly placed on the ground. Interacting with a sign will instantly summon a player to join your game.

It's good to have a helping hand from time to time.
It's good to have a helping hand from time to time.

If you want to help out other players, you need to buy a White Sign Soapstone from Shrine Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine. This item allows you to place your own Summon Signs on the ground to trigger cooperative play. If all goes accordingly to plan, any players passing through the area that see a Summon Sign you've placed can interact with it to summon you into their game. But keep in mind, when you enter another player's world, your Ember status will be taken away and and you'll have less Estus Flasks.

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