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Dark Souls 3 Ending Guide

Check out our comprehensive guide below on how to get each ending in Dark Souls III.

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Like previous games in the Souls franchise, Dark Souls III has multiple endings to unlock. However, the ways to get these endings require you to follow a specific set of steps. Below, you can find directions detailing what you need to do to trigger each of the game's endings. Be wary; there are major spoilers below.

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Ending 1: To Link the First Flame

To Link the First Flame is the easiest ending to obtain in Dark Souls III. To get this ending, simply reach the final boss--the Soul of Cinder. After you defeat him, interact with the bonfire that appears near the edge of the area to trigger the ending cutscene.

Ending 2: Usurping the Fire

Usurping the Fire is the next ending you can get. To trigger this ending, you're going to need an item called the Eyes of Firekeeper. Below you can find directions on how to obtain it.

  1. First, you need to defeat the Consumed King. Go back to where you fought the Dancer of Boreal Valley and place the small basin she dropped after you defeated her on the statue in the room. This triggers a ladder to descend; climb it and take the path to the left to find the Consumed King.

  2. Once you've taken care of the Consumed King, proceed down the hallway that opened until you reach a dead end. Hit the wall to reveal a secret passage that leads to the Unintended Graves.

  3. Traverse this dungeon until you discover Champion Gundyr. Defeat him to open a path to a dark version of the Firelink Shrine. Go to where the Firekeeper usually stands and hit the wall there to find the Eyes of a Firekeeper.

  4. Head back to the Firekeeper in the Firelink Shrine and give her the Eyes of a Firekeeper key. The background music will change.

  5. Get to the end of the game and defeat the Soul of Cinder. Do not interact with the bonfire that appears. Instead, look to the left to find a Summon Sign for the Firekeeper. Summon her to trigger the ending cutscene.

Ending 2: Usurping the Fire--Alternate Version

It's possible to trigger an alternate version of the Usurping the Fire ending. This version requires you to complete the steps above, but with one slight variation. Instead of doing nothing after you summon the Firekeeper, you need to kill her. After the initial ending cutscene, you have a small opening to attack the Firekeeper as the fire fades in her hands. Killing her will then cause the alternate version of the ending to occur.

Ending 3: Lord of Hollows

Lord of Hollows is arguably one of the best endings you can get in Dark Souls III. It also requires more work to obtain than the endings above. Below you can find directions detailing everything you need to do to trigger it.

  1. When you first enter the Undead Settlement, you'll find an NPC named Yoel of Londor. He's the one kneeling with a bunch of other pilgrims to the left after you fight a pack of feral dogs. Talk to Yoel and accept his offer to help you. Next time you return to the Firelink Shrine, you can find him located in the lower tunnel to the right of the main entrance.

  2. When you speak to Yoel in the Firelink Shrine, Yoel will offer to "unlock your true power" by branding you with a Dark Sigil item. Accept this proposition to get a "free" skill point, but it's important to note that doing this turns you Hollow. That is, your maximum hit points begin to decrease each time you die. Yoel can give you up to five "free" skill points via this process, however, you need to die two times to gain a new skill point and a Dark Sigil from him. Do this as soon as possible, as he can die later on in the game's story.

  3. After obtaining the five skill points and Dark Sigils from Yoel, he will die the next time you return to the Firelink Shrine--regardless of whether or not you reached the point in the story where he perishes. A new NPC named Yuria of Londor will appear in his place at the shrine.

  4. Talk to Yuria and then travel to the Road of Sacrifices where you can meet Anri and Horace. Speak with them until you've exhausted their dialogue and continue the story until you reach the Catacombs of Carthus.

  5. Once you've arrived at the catacombs, go down the staircase before the main stairs where you're attacked by a large skeleton ball. You'll find Anri here and she's going to ask if you've seen Horace. Tell her you haven't seen him. You'll then encounter Anri again on your way to High Lord Wolnir on the path to the right of the rope bridge. Tell her again that you haven't seen Horace.

  6. Locate and talk to Anri again at the Church of Yorshka in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley region. She's near a bonfire. Be sure to defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn as well while you're in the area. He's down the set of stairs you encounter after you unlock the gate shortcut.

  7. Find Horace at the bottom of the catacombs in the Smouldering Lake, which is located in the area below where you destroyed the rope bridge before High Lord Wolnir. Kill him with reckless abandon.

  8. Return to the Firelink Shrine and talk to Yuria. She'll tell you that the preparations for your "bride" are nearly complete.

  9. Make your way back to Boreal Valley, and at the top near the lever that gets you to Anor Londo, you’ll find a room with a statue of a king.

  10. Go through the king statue to reveal a secret passageway to leads to the Darkmoon Tomb. You'll eventually encounter a pilgrim to the left of an archway. Talk to her to receive the Sword of Avowal.

  11. Take the sword to Anri--who's now located in a room further down the hall--and interact with her to initiate the marriage.

  12. Proceed further in the story until you defeat the Soul of Cinder. Approach the bonfire near the edge of the area to obtain the Lord of Hollows ending.

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Ummm, Usurp the fire is the same as Lord of Hollows. You're missing End of Fire, that's the one with the fire keeper.

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One thing about Anri, it's a he or she based on which gender you started the game, reversal ring doesn't help there.

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@yugiberto: It's not an item in the game. It just means to kill him. No mercy.

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i went with ending 2 the rest seem stupid or too much work for a similiar effect.. 1 is like the other games so f that..

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@jessie82: she's undead dude, she lives as a hollow.

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have you any evidence for decreasing HP? i've gone to 99 hollowing and reverted it with NO change to my HP

hollowing is mostly cosmetic, benefits of hollowing are:Weapons and shields with the Hollow infusion will boost your Luck stat when you have 15 or more hollowing

the downside of hollowing is you're more vurnerable to holy damage cause by lothric knights, bosses and the the following miracles: Divine Pillars of Light and Blessed weapon (buff)

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@thequickshooter: Yeah the hp thing is bullshit pulled out from previous games about hollowing.