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Dark Souls 3 DLC Announcement Coming August 24

The first of Dark Souls 3’s two expansions may finally be fully revealed.


The Dark Souls team took to Twitter today to tease the announcement of Dark Souls 3’s first DLC expansion. According to the official Dark Souls Twitter account, the DLC will be revealed on August 24. You can see the tweet embedded below:

This will be the first major piece of DLC released for From Software’s action-RPG Dark Souls III, which first launched back in March and received a positive review here on GameSpot, despite some early issues with the PC version.

A previous announcement indicated the game’s first post-launch DLC would hit this fall, so the August 24 announcement could potentially confirm that window or even set a firm release date. We also know this expansion will be the first of two thanks a to a $25 Season Pass option that popped up in digital storefronts back in February. The expansions will likely be available individually as well.

According to an earlier leak, this DLC may contain--as you might expect--new maps, bosses, and weapons, but we’ll likely find out for sure next week. Be sure to check back August 24 for our full report.

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