Dark Souls 3 Chicken Wing Challenge Sounds Pretty Dangerous

The challenge is only available in the UK.


Starting on April 4, Dark Souls III publisher Bandai Namco will challenge people to eat 20 chicken wings as fast as they can. The wings sound pretty dangerous, considering you have to eat them while wearing protective gloves. If you feel like it's worth it, you could win a PS4, Dark Souls III Collector's Edition, and the Dark Souls III Prestige Edition.

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UK restaurant MeatLiquor will serve the wings, which are covered in a quarter of a liter of chilli sauce--the sauce has been created specifically for this contest. And you aren't the only one required to wear protective gloves, either--the chef must also wear them in addition to a mask and goggles. If that doesn't deter you, you'll also need to sign a liability waiver before you start.

Anyone who participates wins an exclusive "I SURVIVED" the Dark Souls Wings Challenge t-shirt and is entered into the "Hall of Souls" leaderboard for their specific MeatLiquor restaurant. The fastest time from each restaurant wins a PS4 with a Dark Souls III Collector's Edition, while the fastest wing eater in the UK also scores the Prestige Edition, complete with a 40cm tall Lord of Cinder statue. The challenge runs until April 29.

If you'd rather not risk the hell that is stomach and bowel pain, you can just play Dark Souls III when it releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12.

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