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Dark Souls 3 Already Beaten in Under 2 Hours

The Dark Souls III speedrun world record has been set.


The Dark Souls games are known to be notoriously challenging, but that doesn't stop people from beating them very quickly. Now, a Korean player has beaten Dark Souls III in less than two hours, before the game is even available in North America.

The player's speedrun has been posted to YouTube, and it's already set the world record bar pretty high. Others looking to beat it will have to do so in under one hour and 42 minutes. You can check out the speedrun for yourself in the video below--skip ahead to the 12-minute mark for the world record run. It definitely contains spoilers.

The speedrunner, who goes by 제하니 on YouTube, beat their previous Dark Souls III world record of about one hour and 56 minutes. They die a couple times in the video above, so beating the current one seems relatively feasible.

You can try for your own record when Dark Souls III releases on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In other Dark Souls-related news, Sony and Bandai Namco released a video that imagines the action-RPG as an old VHS movie. And if you're interested in seeing another take on Dark Souls, you can watch Eli Roth's animated short right here.

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