Dark Reign 2 Ships

Pandemic pledges to support the futuristic RTS after release, today posting a new multiplayer map and a preview utility.


Activision has announced that the fully-3D real-time strategy game Dark Reign 2 is now shipping to stores. Dark Reign 2 is the prequel to the original game, and its campaign chronicles the conflict between the Jovian Detention Authority (JDA) and the rebellious Sprawlers on a futuristic earth before the war between the Imperium and the Freedom Guard.

Developer Pandemic Studios has also announced on its official Dark Reign 2 site that it plans to continue support for the game after its release with a series of add-ons and extra maps. Pandemic has already released the first add-ons, which includes a multiplayer map from the game's beta test and a preview window utility, which will let you view each of your units and their statistics up close.

The add-on is available on GameSpot and on Pandemic's official Dark Reign 2 site.

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