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Dark Messiah gets Steamed, Limited Edition

New Might and Magic will be downloadable through Valve's service; special edition adds soundtrack, in-game goodies, videos.


Dark Messiah's limited-edition box art.
Dark Messiah's limited-edition box art.

When the first Might and Magic game was released back in 1986, the idea of digitally distributing computer games was almost as far-fetched as flying cars and time travel. Twenty years later, the franchise's next game will see its first simultaneous retail and digitally distributed launch with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for the PC.

Ubisoft has agreed to sell the game through Valve's Steam, an online distribution service that has also pushed games such as Half-Life 2, SiN, and Darwinia through the Internet pipeline.

The partnership isn't completely unexpected, asince Dark Messiah runs on the Source engine, Valve's tool that powered its top-seller, Half-Life 2. Though the Might and Magic franchise is a traditional role-playing series, Dark Messiah is a first-person action game with role-playing game elements.

While shopping from a keyboard is convenient for some people, real fans of the game might want to pick up Dark Messiah directly from a brick-and-mortar shop. Ubisoft today also announced that a limited edition of the game will be released on launch day. The $59.99 set will include the game, extra in-game content (a multiplayer skin and four single-player weapons), a "making of" video, trailers, 12 collectible cards, and the game's soundtrack on CD.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic will retail for approximately $50 when it is released in October. It is being developed by two studios; Arkane Studios is handling the single-player portion and Kuju Entertainment is producing the multiplayer portion. For more on the game, download the game's demo or read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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