Dark Fall: Lights Out E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

The sequel to the original Dark Fall promises to be another dark and creepy adventure game.


Dark Fall: Lights Out is actually the follow-up to XXV Productions' debut adventure game, Dark Fall - The Journal. However, don't expect it to be a sequel. Lights Out is set decades earlier than the original game, in the small Cornish sea town of Trewarthan. You'll play as Parker, a young cartographer dispatched to map the lethal rocks in the treacherous harbor. However, when a thick fog rolls in, the critical Fetch Rock Lighthouse goes out, and you'll have to race to turn it back on in order to save those imperiled on the seas.

Of course, in keeping with Dark Fall, your task isn't going to be easy. There are supernatural forces at work, and you'll have to uncover the sinister history of the town and the light house.

The game promises more than 50 beautifully rendered locations to explore, covering both the town and the light house. The voice acting cast of the original game all return for Lights Out, and the game should incorporate some very atmospheric sound effects. From appearances, it certainly looks like XXV is aiming to recapture the dark and creepy mood of the original game. Lights Out definitely looks like it'll appeal to fans of horror and supernatural adventure games. It should ship later this year.

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