Dark Crystal Age of Resistance New Trailer And Plot Details Emerge At SDCC

The Dark Crystal hits Netflix on August 30.


There's still more than a month before the 10-episode Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance--a prequel to the classic Jim Henson film--arrives on Netflix. However, producer Lisa Henson, director Louis Leterrier, and stars Taron Egerton and Mark Hamill came to San Diego Comic-Con ready to impress fans of the movie.

The panel kicked off with a special look behind the scenes of the series, which also included a ton of new footage. Most impressively, the new teaser showed just how much of the series is done practically, with puppets and physical sets, each meticulously crafted to replicate what was seen in the film. "Everything is hand-sculpted, hand-painted," Henson said of the project's production and puppet design. Interestingly, Brian Froud, who served as conceptual designer on the original film, is back for Age of Resistance. Likewise, Wendy Froud, who worked on Dark Crystal, is joining him in constructing this world once again, as is their son Toby Froud--who you might remember from his role as baby Toby in Labyrinth.

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As for the scenes that were teased, they are massive in scope and show a war erupting between the Skeksis and the Gelflings. According to Egerton, what plays a big role in setting off the conflict is his character--a Gelfling named Rian--witnessing the Skeksis draining the life force of a fellow Gelfling. From there, Rian sets off on his journey to warn other groups of Gelflings.

Outside of that, the Age of Resistance team made sure not to share too many details for fear of spoiling what's to come. However, Leterrier did tease that among the creatures from the movie that will be seen again are Fizzgig, the furry little balls of hair. Hamill also shared the voice he's given his character--a Skeksi known as The Scientist--and it's equal parts chilling and silly.

In a touching moment, Hamill was also presented with the Comic-Con 2019 Icon Award by the San Diego Comic-Con organizers. "I told you how lucky I feel to be able to do all the things I loved as a kid and get paid for it," he said upon accepting the award. "This seems wildly excessive but appreciated... If it weren't for you, I certainly wouldn't be standing here. I started coming to these cons years before I knew George [Lucas]."

To wrap up the panel, those in attendance were treated to a screening of the first episode of the series. The rest of the world, however, will have to wait until August 30 to see it on Netflix.

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