Dark Chronicle site launches

Level 5 launches the official site for the Dark Cloud sequel.


The developer of Sony's unique adventure/RPG, Dark Cloud, has launched a website dedicated to the game's sequel, which is titled Dark Chronicle. The sequel focuses on the adventures of Yuris, a young man similar in appearance to the first game's hero, Toan. According the scant information on the site, the game will feature the return of the georama system. The georama system allowed players to build various elements of the game's town environments by completing quests assigned by friendly characters. As a result, players would get to layout the game's towns to their tastes, by placing shops, homes, and geographical elements were they saw fit.

This upcoming installment features a distinct, cel-shaded visual style, as well as a second playable character--a red haired girl that will presumably accompany Yuris on his journey. Screenshots are available on Level 5's site for the game, as well as two streaming movies. Check out the developer's site for more info.

No plans to bring Dark Chronicle to the US have been announced at this time.

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