Dark Angel Slips Into 2001

Metro 3D's Dreamcast game will be released early next year.


GameSpot has learned that the release of Dark Angel: Vampire Apolcalypse for the Sega Dreamcast has slipped into next year. The game, which is being developed and will be published by Metro 3D, was originally scheduled to be released by the end of this year, but it is now on track for a late February or early March 2001 release. Metro 3D was not available for comment, but the delay can be attributed to the company's decision to further refine the game. Dark Angel is an action-RPG that puts the player in the role of Anna, who must discover the roots of a mysterious illness that has stricken her land and find the truth behind the origins of her superhuman powers.

As reported previously, Metro 3D is also developing a first-person shooter based in the Dark Angel universe for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game will be a side story to the Dreamcast game. An official announcement on the PlayStation 2 game will be made in early 2001. The company will also develop games for the GameCube, but it is not known at this time whether the second Dark Angel game will be released for Nintendo's next-generation console. GameSpot will have further information as it becomes available.

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