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Dark And Darker Is Out Now For Free On Steam

After legal disputes/issues with Nexon in 2023, Dark and Darker is now available to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store.


Dark and Darker is now available to play for free on Steam and the Epic Games Store, as announced at Summer Game Fest.

Dark and Darker had originally released last year in early eccess, but was then delayed--despite its multiple public test sessions--due to developer Ironmace's legal clash with publisher Nexon. At one point, that saw Dark and Darker pulled from Steam entirely.

The game mixes fantasy dungeon-crawler systems and first-person shooter mechanics in a PvPvE environment. Due to the game's difficulty, it is best to team up with other players to tackle all the creatures, hunters, and enemies that hide, lurk, and prowl. Dark and Darker boasts eight classes to choose from in early access at the moment, which are Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Warlock, Barbarian, and Rogue.

With already 100,000 concurrent players at its peak, Dark and Darker's Steam and Epic Games Store release will provide more timely feedback that Ironmace can implement as stated on its Steam page.

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