Dark Age, Ultima fan events hit the road

EA Mythic schedules nine 2007 gatherings for each of its long-running massively multiplayer games.


"To Dunkin' Donuts!!!"

Fan gatherings for massively multiplayer online role-playing games give longtime players the chance to meet and share ideas with each other, as well as with the developers who created their virtual playgrounds and then made the decision to revise the rules to the disadvantage of their hard-earned high-level characters. The developers of EA Mythic's Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot games will have plenty of opportunities to explain themselves this year, as the studio has announced a series of 18 US fan gatherings (nine for each game) scheduled through November.

While the events will be held on the same days in the same cities, they will be separate from each other. Specific details haven't been announced for most cities, but if the Atlanta events are any indication, EA Mythic will hold back-to-back three-hour gatherings for each game in the same venue. The first gatherings will be held at the Dave and Buster's in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, GA. For more information, check out EA Mythic's pages for the Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online gatherings.

January 27--Atlanta, GA
February 24--New York, NY (coincides with New York Comic Con)
March 24--Rockville, MD
April 21--Philadelphia, PA
May 19--Chicago, IL
July 7--Columbus, OH (coincides with Origins)
August 25--Seattle, WA (coincides with Penny Arcade Expo)
Fall (date TBD)--Austin, TX
November (date TBD)--Orange, CA (coincides with GenCon SoCal)

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