Daredevil coming to the GBA

A game based on the upcoming film is in development for the Game Boy Advance.


Encore has announced that a Daredevil game is currently in development for the Game Boy Advance. This side-scrolling action game will put players in the role of the Marvel Comics hero and will incorporate many of the locations and characters from the upcoming feature film, such as Kingpin, Elektra, and Bullseye. Daredevil will also be able to use his radar sense, a skill that enables him to see hidden enemies and react quickly to enemy attacks. The console versions of Daredevil , which will be based on the comic books as opposed to the movie, are still in development and will be released in fall 2003.

"Next February's movie release, the increasing popularity of the comic books, and our upcoming game will propel Daredevil into mainstream popular culture," said Michael Bell, CEO of Encore. "He is an intriguing character who is well suited to the GBA platform."

The Game Boy Advance Daredevil game is scheduled for release in February 2003.

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