Danny DeVito Will Reprise Penguin Role If Director Tim Burton Wants Him To

In a recent interview, the actor fancasts himself in a potential but still hypothetical role.


Actor Danny DeVito--who has written a Penguin comic included as part of DC's newly-released Gotham Villains Anniversary anthology--is letting it be known that he is interested in reprising his 1992 role as that villain from Batman Returns. Speaking with Forbes, DeVito said his only requirement is that director Tim Burton come back for whatever project that might give this opportunity shape.

"I feel like it's not out of the question that The Penguin will return someday, but this is all up to Tim, whether or not Tim wants to do this," DeVito said. "I would say that could be in the cards because we ain't dead yet. We could do a continuation of what we had in the past because that was truly a brilliant movie."

DeVito is right that it isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. Micheal Keaton--who played Batman opposite DeVito--is reprising his role as Bruce Wayne and The Caped Crusader in the upcoming Flash film, which is set for release on November 4, 2022. Plus, Burton is clearly in a nostalgic mindset at the moment--he's working on a Netflix series reimagining The Addams Family, which will feature Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman, respectively, as Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Added DeVito, 77, "There is a little Oswald in me… They afforded me that opportunity and I feel very grateful and would I like to revisit it? Why not! It was a really great moment in time for me."

During DC FanDome, Colin Farrell (True Detective) as Penguin did feature in the recently-released new trailer for the upcoming film The Batman. Due in theaters on March 4, 2022--pushed back from June 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic--the film will follow Batman during his second year as the Dark Knight as he unravels corruption in Gotham City, which his family has connections to.

In the here and now, DeVito features in Season 15 of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which kicked off on December 1.

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