Danish government creates entire country in Minecraft, users promptly blow it up and plant American flag

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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The Danish Geodata Agency recently recreated the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft at a 1:1 scale. It’s one of the biggest Minecraft creations ever, made up of about 4000 billion brick and 1 terabyte of data. It was ingeniously built using the agency’s 3D elevation model and was meant to be used as a teaching tool.

Of course, players almost immediately began blowing it up.

They weren’t supposed to be able to. The Danish Geodata Agency, disabled the ability to use dynamite, but neglected to disable the minecart with dynamite item. According to The Register, players discovered this, set off explosives in several Danish towns, and built American tanks and flags on top of the ruins.

"We consider that as a nature of playing Minecraft – elements are broken down and new are being created,” Danish Geodata Agency spokesman Chris Hammeken told The Register. “Therefore we will not reboot the demonstration of Denmark in Minecraft. But occasionally we will rebuild minor areas if buildings are removed and nothing new is being created."

You can download the Denmark map in sections from the Danish Geodata Agency’s website. So far it’s been quite popular, with over 200,000 downloads.

"We are very happy to see so many players around the world creating fancy nice things and have fun," Hammeken said.

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As usual the goverment does things innefectively and gamespot blames children instead of adults. Game spot...so out of touch with the consumer. Instead of putting the appropiate blame on a goverment agency with a budget it literally takes by force from citizens while the contry has several issues that are more serious than making minecraft servers. No, the issue is not this overpaid goverment thiefs decided to waste time on minecraft making a denmark server they could have paid an eleven year old kid to do better and quicker for a couple of v bucks,no the problem was not that they did not consult any frequent minecraft player about techniques frequently used to blow up servers in order to prevent their use against them. Yes, the issue was trolls nailing denmark and making it america's property virtually. As usual you are way off the mark and this why people don't feel connected to your reviews. Internet is gonna internet. People are gonna have fun destroying things online because they are having fun. The blame lands on the over reaching goverment trying to do minecraft servers....pathethic.

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This is why I'm ashamed to call myself an American.

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@bandd do you have any idea how cucked you sound?:

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Our government may rob people of healthcare, screw our economy with subsidies and price floors, murder unborn children with tax dollars, persecute and steal from people who believe children have a right to a father and mother, seize private property to sit on, and refuses to identify a mortal enemy by name, but at least it doesn't waste public service time playing Micecraft!

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What ACTUALLY happened:


Incompetent reporting.

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Why does everyone in these comments assume an American did this? Seems more like a satirical statement to me!

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This is obviously fake, ffs, I am 100% sure that the danish government is not wasting their time creating fucking replicas of their country in a videogame, im sure the danish government have something better to do

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@fuzzeywolf: the UN has a deal where Official replicas of famous landmarks are created in Minecraft, so it's not entirely up feasible.

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Now all the danish goverment needs to do is recreate the Twin Towers incident and... watch from afar while eating popcorn

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Typical american juvenile behaviour, surprised they haven't destroyed the real Legoland, since that's all minecrap is, virtual lego. I have been playing games since my first Atari 2600 with Pong, I am just really blown away how far gaming has come through graphic enhancement, AI and playability. Seems kind of pointless to create things out of squares when the consoles nowadays can show almost lifelike creations?????

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<< LINK REMOVED >> While I agree this is juvenile as can be, if you think minecraft is exactly like lego and graphics are all that matter, then you still have quite a bit of learning about games which is sad for anyone playing since Atari.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's equally sad everyone wants to go back to the Atari era instead of moving on.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You can't make a game that allows the user to create anything remotely lifelike within the game. Checkmate. Also assuming it's from Americans is a bit dumb too.

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Haha, must have been the guys at Somethingawul, they sure can have a lot of style... great job!!!

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Funny how butthurt people get over a videogame. Most of us know that if the US government made this you people would bomb it as well.

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i still find this hilarious ha ha

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Oh, great. Now every game is turning into COD.

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It seems like Denmark needed some American democracy George Bush style ;).

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Are they able to bring it back to what it was? It seems like a lot of hard work that was ruined by a bunch of prepubescent kids on the internet who think they are funny.

Edit: It seems Gamespot put an "Americans are bad" biased twist on this article. Classic journalism


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<< LINK REMOVED >> "Hard work" Lol. More like waste of time. This is the best story I have read all day.

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While I think that's pretty uncool that people did it considering the attention to detail the group put into it (I haven't ever played Minecraft but it sounds like that'd take a lot of time to do), it's also pretty funny lol. But I'm happy that Denmark has a sense of humor about it at least.

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We need to stop emulating GWB's Presidency.

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Wow. As an American I disagree with what these people did. Although, it's a video game the map must have took a lot of work and time. Not to mention that these 'griefers' make the rest of us look like people crazy with bombs and weapons. What a shame.

Edit - Inaccurate article. Read the truth here: << LINK REMOVED >>

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Then they should have taken out the exploding mine carts. Then their "work" would still be here in all its pointless glory.

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America is the shittiest country on the planet, i can see why every country wants to blow up their towers and throw ebola and black plague everywhere.. they should have banned the players that defaced the project because thats just really dumb and ignorant

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This is just the nature of people. If it is possible, people will try to ruin it, always, and will most likely succeed. No specific authenticity or race required and absolutely no exception. This is why MMORPGs have to be utterly child proof if they want all their players to enjoy their games.

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They seem pretty chill about all that. Reverse the nations involved and a world war would ensue. Damn Americans.....

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@joesguy: Chill? Yeha they are stealing tax payer money to play video games....damn americans he says...fucking retard. they should have banned mine carts too..guess their inneficiency went over your head.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Just have them redo the 9/11 incident, only to see the madness everywhere

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I can tell you, many, many people would cry for blood if that became a mainstream thing.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Americans would go to war over a Minecraft server? I get that it's popular to hate Americans but you're crossing over into hateful ignorance territory.

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@Sanligo: Trump has been insulted by a ton of idiots from other countries. He has yet to fire a single nuke...not that gamespot would let you know of that being biased. Also they remove any link because they don't want you to hear any other point of view. Facist will be facist.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Riiiight, hateful and ignorant towards my own people. Makes sense.

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Can they make Kyrat from Far Cry 4?

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should see american news and history books

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