Daniel Radcliffe Would Do A Fast & Furious Movie In A Non-Driving, Administrative Role

The Harry Potter actor says he'd also be game for a disaster movie if the script was right.


Actor Daniel Radcliffe has jokingly (??) spoken about joining the Fast & Furious franchise, or one like it, in the future--but not in a driving role. Speaking on Conan O'Brien's podcast, Radcliffe said he would love to be in a big action movie like Fast & Furious, but he doesn't want to drive a car. Instead, he'd prefer to play the role of the "admin guy" who hangs back and supports the main squad with whatever mundane things they need to get the job done.

"I would love to be in a movie like that but in the instance of [Fast & Furious], if I could have a non-driving part, that would be great," he said. "Driving on camera is maybe the part of my job that I hate the most. I barely drive in real life. I have a license. But I really am not good at it and don't really do it. So trying to hit a mark, in a car, is my most hated part of it. I could do some of the admin. I'm sure they must need a lot of that. There must be an administration guy there. Someone has to look after these guys."

O'Brien brought up a fictional scenario where the main cast of Fast & Furious are trying to solve an embezzlement case and, inexplicably, they do so by assembling seven cars to track down the bad guys. O'Brien joked that any problem in the Fast & Furious series can seemingly be solved by getting people together in seven cars to save the day.

In this scenario, Radcliffe offered that his admin guy character could be well-suited to be the voice of reason. "That's when my guy would come in--the admin guy--when they have that embezzlement case, they'd be planning for seven cars, and I'd be going, 'Guys, this is all unnecessary. This is exactly what I do,'" he said. "Hey, if the producers of the franchise are interested I could get into it."

This came up after O'Brien asked Radcliffe if he had any "big swing" ambitions to flex a different part of his Hollywood muscle, with the host suggesting people might like to see Radcliffe take on a totally different role than he's known for like a disaster movie or a big action flick. He said he would consider doing a disaster movie if the script was good enough. But Radcliffe is more interested in turning his attention to writing and directing, which he hopes to do soon.

"In terms of an actual thing I would consider a big swing that I know I do want to do, I want to write and direct. That feels way riskier because there is no evidence that I'll be good in that, other than just the feeling of, 'I've been here a while, I feel like I should be.'"

Radcliffe currently stars alongside Steve Buscemi on Miracle Workers for TBS. Check out a trailer for the new Oregon Trail season above.

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