Daniel Craig Really Doesn't Like One Of His Earlier Films, Can You Guess Which One?

Craig said he would go into his local movie rental store and throw the film under the counter to hide it.


Daniel Craig has revealed that he really doesn't like one of the movies he made many years ago, saying whenever he'd see it in a movie rental shop he'd toss it under the counter to hide it. Craig would not name the movie outright ("because that's not fair") but he did offer some clues about what it might be.

He told The Guardian that this film is so old it might be on VHS. When he would go to Blockbuster video stores (another sign that this is an old movie), Craig said he tried to hide the film as a "small protest."

"I don't want to say which movie, because that's not fair. I used to walk into Blockbuster--which shows you how old it is--and it would be on the shelves, maybe even not the DVD but the VHS. I'd grab it and throw it under the counter," Craig said (via Collider). "I know it was only a small protest--it was only my Blockbuster--but it was some way of my never seeing that movie again."

It's intriguing to think about what movie Craig is referring to. Given it was available to rent at Blockbuster on VHS certainly narrows down the choices from the 74 productions that Craig has appeared in. Let us know in the comments below which movie you think Craig is referring to.

Going back to the interview, Craig said he generally doesn't have regrets about his professional career. "I've never really desperately regretted anything. I think once you commit to something you go: this is it, it is what it is, good or bad," he said.

Craig's newest movie is No Time To Die, which is his fifth and final Bond movie. The film is doing big business internationally ahead of its US debut on October 8.

Craig returns to play Benoit Blanc once again in Knives Out 2, which recently finished filming for Netflix.

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