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Danganronpa--The First Game In This Amazing Visual Novel Series Is Now Available On Mobile

The wild visual novel, which first released in the west on PlayStation Vita, is now available on iOS and Android.


Danganronpa, the cult-classic visual novel that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Japan, is now available on mobile for the first time. The first part of the trilogy is on both iOS and Android, and the store description specifically calls it "Part 1" of an anniversary release--because Danganronpa 2 and 3 are coming as well.

The first game in the series casts players as Makoto Naegi, a new student at Hope's Peak, a top-class school that only invites students who are at the absolute top of their field--but Naegi has been invited as the "most lucky" student, having gotten in based on a lottery system.

The students that arrive at the school soon find themselves locked off from the rest of the world and issued a challenge by Monokuma, a malevolent teddy bear (stay with me here)--the only way to escape the school is to commit a murder and not get caught during the class trial that follows. If one student can convince the others to unanimously declare the wrong party guilty, they'll be allowed to escape while everyone else is killed.

It's a weird, fun adventure, and has become a cult classic since its 2010 release in Japan on the PSP. The Vita version received an 8/10 in GameSpot's review.

The game is $15.99 on iOS and $17.99 on Android. It's also available on Vita, PS4, and PC. Release dates for the second and third games on mobile have not been announced as of yet.

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