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Catch Up On The Dandadan Manga With These Deals

The supernatural manga is getting an anime adaptation in October.


There's no guarantee that a manga series will make a successful transition to anime, but the odds seem to be in Dandadan's favor. The mix of homicidal hauntings, alien invasions, and high school drama made Yukinobu Tatsu's series an immediate hit when it first premiered in 2021, and now it's getting an anime adaptation from Science Saru, the animation studio behind Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and Devilman Crybaby. That seems like the perfect team to adapt the Dandadan manga's fast-paced storytelling and wild art style to anime. We'll find out for sure when the Dandadan anime premieres October 2024. Until then, those looking to catch up on the story can pick up the first eight Dandadan manga volumes at a discount from Amazon.

Dandadan is best described as X-Files meets Constantine set in a Japanese high school. The ongoing series stars high school student Momo Ayase, who believes in ghosts but not aliens, and her nerdy classmate Ken "Okarun" Takakura, who believes in aliens, not ghosts. As it turns out, ghosts and aliens are both real, and they're out to get humanity. Thankfully, the duo earn powers that help them take on the supernatural forces threatening the world. .

Dandadan Manga Deals

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