Dance: UK coming to Xbox

Big Ben Interactive announces that Dance: UK, already a success on the PS2, will be released for the Xbox in Europe next month.


Dance: UK

Following the success of Dance: UK on the PlayStation 2, which was released in Europe last year, Big Ben Interactive has announced that the game will be released for the Xbox next month. Both the Xbox version of the game and the eight-way dance mat bundled with it will boast a number of improvements over the PS2 original.

"Following Microsoft's aggressive pricing policy last year we now feel that the Xbox has shaken off its older, male-dominated demographic," said Andrew Shephard, Big Ben's managing director. "Dance: UK will help widen the appeal of the Xbox even further by drawing in the elusive, yet lucrative female side of the market."

Improvements promised for the Xbox game include four levels of difficulty across all five gameplay modes, the addition of Xbox Live high-score tables, and an updated track listing featuring songs from the likes of Mis-Teeq, Liberty X, Sugababes, Daniel Bedingfield, Rachel Stevens, and Jamelia. The dance mat bundled with the game will be improved through the introduction of hotkeys designed to let players negotiate the game's menu system more easily.

The Xbox version of Dance: UK is currently scheduled for release in Europe on July 2, priced at £39.99. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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