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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Preshow Impressions

Konami brings DDR back to the Xbox with new Xbox Live features.


Konami has announced plans to release a second Dance Dance Revolution game for the Xbox. The game, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2, appears to feature all of the classic modes and options that make DDR popular, while adding some interesting new Xbox Live features to the mix.

Song information is currently unavailable, but the game’s expanded Xbox Live abilities mean that up to 16 players will be able to play at the same time. Teams battle mode will let you play in several teams of two in some sort of wild dance-off. Synch mode is a cooperative two-player mode that asks two dancers to get their steps lined up perfectly.

In addition to these new modes, the game will feature expanded downloadable content. The first Ultramix features song downloads, and Ultramix 2 will also include downloadable characters and steps. You’ll also be able to save and upload your steps to Xbox Live.

The game will contain a mixture of existing DDR classics and new songs licensed exclusively for the US market. Ultramix 2 is currently scheduled for release in November.

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