Damon leads off pro baseball gaming league

Competitive gaming league featuring MLB stars formed; 14 Major Leaguers will battle each other and fans in PGR3.


Back in February, rapper/actor Snoop Dogg decided to start his own celebrity-laden gaming league. Several athletes got in on the action, including Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals, Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, and pro soccer player Cobi Jones.

While Snoop was the main mouthpiece of the league, media company GGL was behind the whole shindig. Not content with just one celebrity league, GGL today announced the formation of a second gaming league featuring professional baseball players.

The Pro Baseball Gaming League kicks off "this week" and will pit pro ballplayers against one another and, ultimately, against fans. This league's Snoop Dogg is Yankees centerfielder Johnny Damon, who will serve as commissioner.

Just because the league features all baseball players, it doesn't mean they'll be playing baseball games. The first game designated for competition is Project Gotham Racing 3.

Fourteen athletes have signed up for the league, including Craig Hansen and Julian Tavarez of the Boston Red Sox, Matt Holliday and Willy Taveras of the Colorado Rockies, Josh Barfield of the Cleveland Indians, Corey Patterson and Rodrigo Lopez of the Baltimore Orioles, Mike Pelfrey of the New York Mets, Seth McClung of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Luke Hochevar of the Kansas City Royals, Dallas McPherson of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Derek Lowe of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Gamers can register for the public fan-based league for a shot at playing against one of the pros. To sign up or get more information, head over to the PBGL Web site.

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