Daily Report: Video Games Day!

Happy National Video Games Day! This week we talk about MVPs, TGS, and the All-Time Greatest.


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Did you know that September 12 is National Video Games Day? Celebrate today by playing video games in mass quantities. Better yet, grab a few friends and hold a competition. Just make sure you have enough batteries. We wouldn't want to blame the controller now would we?

The Recap

In last Friday's Weekly Wrap-Up, we featured 27 blogs and showed off 15 awesome videos and 32 user reviews. We talked about You've Been Spotted Episode 4, and we announced that the PAX Nerd Shirt Show-Off voting was happening. Be sure to check this link here for the full report.


All-Time Greatest Sidekick
Voting in Round 2 for this year's All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick begins later today. Make sure you head over to the battle hub and take part in Round 2 for the All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick. Also make sure that you grab a nifty image kit to spread the love for your All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick.

Tokyo Game Show Activities Galore!
This year for TGS we have a few things in store for the community, including a few scavenger hunts, a cosplay contest, and a JRPG blog activity. And what would an event like this be without emblems and prizes! Want to know more? Then be sure to check in to our Events and Attractions forum as details are unveiled.

Mario Kart Wii Community Game Night MVP!
Well, much fun and merriment was had by all who joined. We had a pretty successful turnout. While many GameSpotters showed off some awesome karting skills, the MVP for this Community game night goes to the nearly undisputed champion, angelbless, though there were a few members who gave him a run for his money. Also, we would like to give a shout out to a very special GameSpotter known as Sidburn19 for his amazing efforts in helping the Community team get the game night up and running in a timely fashion. So congrats to the both of you! Enjoy your profile points, and we hope to see you at our next game night!

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