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It's Wednesday, and you know what that means. It's time for players to stand up from their games and take a bow as they are featured on our GameSpot Spotlight channel.

The Games

Super Meat Boy Skills
GameSpotter psycho_chan12 shows off this seemingly complex level but reminds us that if you can get the hang of the pattern, a Grade A+ is within your reach.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Dead Center Finale on Expert
GameSpotter Printul_Noptii and the final standout in the Dead Center campaign. Will he have time to collect all the gas canisters and make it to the car before the zombies take him down?

Darksiders - Stygian Boss Battle & Ashes to Ashes Achievement
GameSpotter Sidburn19 takes on Stygian and unlocks the achievement "Ashes to Ashes" in Darksiders.

Call of Duty: BlackOps - Sniper Gameplay
This awesome GameSpotter shows off some sniping skills in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Angry Birds Walkthrough Part 1
GameSpotter usatheman2001 shows off some Angry Birds skills in this walkthrough. His review of the game was "just plain fun," giving it a score of 10.


The Legend of Zelda: Cover Song
GameSpotter Xtermin8r13 rocks on in this polka-style cover of the Legend of Zelda theme song.


Cat Boss - Final Fight!
GameSpotter Mufujifi takes on the dreaded "cat boss" as it returns once again to terrorize one adventurer. Will she prevail?


Real Racing 2
GameSpotter Elk, aka the Mobile Wizard, takes a look at Real Racing 2 bonus points to anyone who knows where his shirt is from.

Portal 2 Review
GameSpotter Bioshock Raptor gives you his opinion on the game, what he liked and what he didn't like.

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