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It's another Thursday, which means it's time for reader reviews!


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It's Thursday, and that means it's time for piping hot and fresh reviews from GameSpot users. Have a look won't you?

Top 100

Here, we feature those GameSpot members who proudly carry the Top 100 Reviewer Emblem.

-Spyro: Year of the Dragon: c_rake
7.5 - good
"The PlayStation Spryo /trilogy draws to a close on a very high note."

- Mass Effect 2: Kasumi - Stolen Memory: Cube_of_MooN
6.5 - fair
"Overall, Kasumi Stolen Memory is a decent add-on for Mass Effect 2, but for the price, it leaves something to be desired."

-Portal 2: TissueShoe
9.5 - superb
"No hard feelings."

-Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: Gelugon_baat
7.5 - good
"The sequel is a significant improvement over the first Hitman game."

-Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: JustPlainLucas
6.5 - fair
"Apollo tries but just doesn't do Phoenix Wright justice."

-Pokemon Black Version: Pierst179
7.0 - good
"Being the same Pokemon we have always known and loved has become the series best feature and its biggest weakness."

TOP 500

Next, we have our awesome Top 500 reviewers share what they have to say.

-Metroid Fusion: gamefreak197
9.5 - superb
"Metroid Fusion is a fantastic addition to the series and makes for grand debut on the GBA."

-Bulletstorm: Cunhao
9.0 - superb
"Fulfill a revenge was never so funny and so rewarding!"

-Boulder Dash-XL: bowlingotter
6.5 - fair
"An inexpensive trip through the old school with lots of content, though most of it is passable."

-Call of Duty Deluxe Edition Box Set: Bamul
9.0 - superb
"Back in the day, this was a fantastic and colossal first-person shooter…today, it is a classic and a must-play."

-From Dust: TechnologoDoom
8.0 - great
"Strategy meets emergent gameplay."

-Torchlight: NeonNinja
8.0 - great
"With its addicting combat and fantastic loot system, Torchlight is the best action RPG released in years."

-Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: ZanarkandTidus
9.5 - superb
"An emotional story that does a great job showing the past of certain FFVII characters seven years prior to FFVII's story."

Honorable Mention

These users are rising stars as far as reader reviews go.

-No More Heroes: turtlethetaffer
9.0 - superb
"Despite some flaws, No More Heroes is a fun, inappropriate action game that will satisfy your bloodlust."

-Deus Ex: Human Revolution: redangelus
9.5 - superb
"A game that offers something for everyone."

-Bayonetta: benleslie5
9.0 - superb
"It may have problems, but it still has a lot to offer to newcomers and hardcore gamers who love action games."

-The World Ends With You: Shy_Guy_Red
9.5 - superb
"TWEWY is an amazing, innovative, easy-to-get-into game that is one of the best games to grace the DS, and all handhelds."

Most Popular Out Now

Last but not least, the following reviews are for games in the current lineup of releases that are "Out Now."

1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution(PC): karamazovnew
6.0 - fair
"People that gave a higher score must've been playing the original and mistook it for this one."

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (X360): LeeMurphy123
8.5 - great
"Fun, challenging, and not so different from the rest of the series...oh and it has zombies in it."

3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3): elitejounin
9.0 - superb
"Just finished my first play-through. Going for a second one right now!"

4. Madden NFL 12 (X360): andrewerdna100
7.0 - good
"Big hype but fails to reach its full potential once again."

5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (X360): Blue_Tomato
7.5 - good
"Repetitive and linear rat maze."

6. Madden NFL 12 (PS3): zachmagik
8.5 - great
"It's Madden. Don't expect anything more, but don't expect anything less."

7. Bodycount (X360): WayneSikes49
4.0 - poor
"Another Call of Duty wannabe in arcade style with nonexistent plot, mediocre environments, and just plain dull."

8. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC): zaber2164
8.5 - great
"Witcher 2 is no average hack-and-slash game. You have to feel the game to understand its glory. It's really special…"

9. Fallout: New Vegas (X360): katman
8.5 - great
"Very good follow-up to Fallout 3; just not as interesting to me."

10. 3DS: scribeman
9.0 - superb
"Honestly? I love it."

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