Daily Report: Belated Edition

For this week's activities and attractions, we talk about ATGGS, COD: XP, TGS, and Mario Kart Wii!


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All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick

The third edition of GameSpot's "All-Time Greatest" series is one of the highlights of our year. But some of you might have been procrastinating in creating your bracket. Well, today is "Fight Procrastination Day" so what better time than now to go and make your bracket? After all, the selections end on September 7, and the voting round will begin. So fight that procrastination and pick your sidekick!

COD: XP Wrap-Up

This weekend, we saw some awesome things happen at COD: XP in LA. GameSpot staff provided a detailed look at some paintball action, a massive zip line, and Modern Warfare 3 and SpecOps Survivor. You can check out our stage show, as well as our photo gallery for all the action.

Tokyo Game Show Is Coming...

TGS is coming, and not even the elements can stop thousands of gamers and exhibitors from flocking to Chiba City. Last year, we saw some awesome cosplay, LuigV wreaking havoc, and, of course, games! What are you excited for? Tell us about it here.

Community Game Night: Mario Kart Wii

This Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., GameSpot will be getting its Wii on and buzzing around some tracks in cute chaos known as Mario Kart Wii for this week's Community Game Night. We will be starting at 5:00 p.m. PT. Got a specific track you like to play on? How about an item that you just love to hate? Do you think your track record is so awesome that GameSpot staff doesn't stand a chance? Talk about it in this thread here.

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