Daily Downloads: Sam & Max, C&C Battlecast Ep 1

Sam & Max return with a demo, Command & Conquer Battlecast airs episode 1, and Bounty Bay Online open beta goes live.


Pirates of the Burning Sea
Combat Mission: Shock Force
Glory of the Roman Empire

Telltale Games' deranged duo return in a demo for Sam & Max: Season 1. Play through one of the first puzzles in Episode 1: Culture Shock to get a taste of the anthropomorphic dog and bunny-thing's sense of style. A word of caution, however, as this is identical to the previously released stand-alone demo for Culture Shock.

The first webisode of EALA's Command & Conquer Battlecast Primetime has aired and is now available on GameSpot in four parts. This high-resolution video covers special news announcements, showcases the first C&C3 featured match, and has a guest appearance by Joe "Kane" Kucan.

Other downloads now ready to go include a demo for Mayhem Intergalactic, the open beta client for Bounty Bay Online, fan kits for Pirates of the Burning Sea, updated game clients for Tales of Pirates and The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins, as well as patches for Combat Mission: Shock Force, Tales of Pirates, Glory of the Roman Empire, and The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins.

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