Daily Downloads: DiRT, Total Pro Golf 2, Starshatter

New patches arrive on GameSpot, accompanied by updated mods for WOW and fan material for The Witcher.


New updates have been released for Codemasters' rally game DiRT, Wolverine Studios' golf sim Total Pro Golf 2, and Destroyer Studios' space combat sim Starshatter: The Gathering Storm. While DiRT's patch includes the usual bug fixes and game tweaks, Total Pro Golf 2 and Starshatter both receive new features in the form of two new tracks and support for Track IR technology, respectively.

Pollen Sonata, a tech demo for the Source Engine featured in Valve Software's Half-Life 2, is now available, as are updates for three World of Warcraft UI modifications. Atari's upcoming Action RPG The Witcher has also been updated with new wallpaper and music packs.

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