Daily Downloads: A Canadian history lesson

New Civilization III mod gives the opportunity to relive or rewrite the past of The Great White North.


Sid Meier's Civilization III

A 10-year project with backing from Telefilm Canada and Canada's National History Society has finally come to fruition, as history buffs can now download the HistoriCanada: The New World mod for Civilization III. The mod gives players the chance to take control of European settlers or aboriginal tribes and replay--or reshape--history, with opportunities for educational enlightenment along the way.

Puzzle fans can check out a demo for Hidden Expedition: Everest, and UFO watchers will be pleased with the v070530 Patch for UFO: Extraterrestrials. Also, updated mods for World of Warcraft are available, as is a map for Company of Heroes, new clients for Shot Online and Dawnspire: Prelude, and fan material for Super Paper Mario and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

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