Daily Digest: Robocop-icorn Inspired Emblem

Today's digest reveals Tomb Raider Art, PlayStation All Stars playdate, Horror games, and those who have went through the great purge, receiving a Robocop Unicorn inspired emblem!


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To-Do List

- PLAY PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale with us tomorrow
- COMMENT Artist Arcade Tomb Raider
- READ Chalk Talk: Horror Edition
- FOLLOW our moderator of the month, musicalmac!
- PARTICIPATE in the Game Reboot Contest

Tip: Image Hosting Emblem

If you’ve been paying attention to our image hosting news over the past month, you might just see a nifty emblem for complying to our new policies. Introducing: Robocorn, coming to a profile near you!

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Emblem: Robicorn
Description: Hey look, it's a totally original dude wearing armor. With a huge gun and a helmet (a visor?). And he's riding a unicorn. This user was granted this magical emblem for not having any of their user profile images hosted on untrusted websites during The Great Purge of March 2013.

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