Daikatana Is Gold

It's official. John Romero's long awaited and highly controversial first-person shooter is finally done.


It's been four years since John Romero's last design effort, Quake, hit store shelves. In that time, he has been hard at work on one of the most controversial games in the industry's history. Romero, of course, is one of the original founders of id Software and co-creator of some of the most successful and instantly recognizable games to date, including the venerable Doom series. His current work-in-progress, Daikatana, has been steeped in controversy and delays for nearly four years.

Daikatana, however, is no longer a work-in-progress. Eidos, the game's publisher, informed GameSpot today that the game has officially gone gold and will be on store shelves all over the world during the second week of May. Eidos is expected to make an official statement later today.

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