Daikatana 1.1 Patch Finished

A much deserved patch for John Romero's first-person shooter is now available for download. Find out what changes Ion Storm has made to Daikatana.


John Romero's Daikatana

After a week delay, Ion Storm has released a patch to bring its first-person shooter Daikatana up to version 1.1. As expected, the patch contains a number of bug fixes and new features. It appears that various video card issues have been addressed with the patch - in the new version, players can select from different video cards in-game. Various bugs associated with Daikatana's sidekicks - such as their occasional inability to respawn after level changes or after loading a saved game - have also been fixed.

Also of note, Ion Storm added an infinite save mode to accommodate players who were less than satisfied with the save-gem system, and a number of refinements have been made to Daikatana's multiplayer modes. As a special added bonus, Ion Storm included the Instagib mode, in which players start with a random weapon each time they respawn and each hit counts as a kill.

You can download the 1.1 Daikatana patch by clicking the link to the right.

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