Daigo coming to Australia to compete in SSFIV

World famous Street Fighter player confirmed for EVO APAC tournament in Sydney.

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Daigo Umehara is known around the world as a fearsome opponent in the 2D fighting sphere, with his famous Justin vs. Daigo fight at EVO 2004 topping over 2 million views on YouTube. Aussie Street Fighter fans will finally be able to watch Daigo, or "The Beast", live when he's in Australia later this month for the Asia-Pacific leg of the EVO 2010 Street Fighter tournament.

Local fighting clan OzHadou recently staged a coup, snapping up the rights to host the EVO APAC tournament in Sydney, Australia. The tournament will be open to people across the Asia-Pacific region and will be held on the weekend of May 29-30 at the University of Technology Sydney's Gallery Function Centre.

The top two players from the EVO APAC tournament will win paid flights to Las Vegas to represent the APAC region in the EVO 2010 tournament. The EVO APAC team will fly around Australia and make one stop over in New Zealand in the next few weeks, hosting regional qualifiers for interstate players. If a competitor makes it through, he will then be given a place in the final round held on the last day of the tournament.

The bad news for local players hoping to enter the competition is that Daigo will be competing in the tournament, so anyone wanting to win the trip to Vegas will have to be at the top of his game.

For more details on regional qualifiers, tournament dates, and general event details be sure to check out the official EVO APAC Web site.

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