D3 rats out Flushed Away

New publisher lands publishing deal with DreamWorks for games based on computer-animated movie about rodents.


D3Publisher of America may be only one game old--PQ, released earlier this month, is the company's first game--but it's quickly becoming an industry pro. The US branch of the Tokyo-based publisher today announced a deal with DreamWorks Animation SKG to publish games based on the upcoming movie Flushed Away.

Flushed Away will appear on "console systems" and the DS and Game Boy Advance in Q4 2006, to coincide with the film's November 3 release. The console games are being developed by Vicious Cycle (Robotech: Invasion), based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The handheld versions will be created by Altron and ART. No rating information has been released for any of the games.

The game will be a third-person platformer that both draws on the film for inspiration and introduces new characters and environments that go beyond the big-screen version. Like Trading Places with fur and nine-inch tails, the film sees a posh rat swapping places with a common gutter-dwelling rodent, and hilarity ensues.

D3Publisher of America has also landed the rights to Digital Extremes' Dark Sector, and will be releasing games based on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and localized versions of Tomy's Naruto games.

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"...games based on computer-animated movie about rodents." In Layman's terms, "Scraping the bottom of the barrel for movie concepts."

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Noy so sure that they're up to the challenge

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looks kinda weird.

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doesn't sound like a fun game

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O.K... Why don't they animate something real.... not rats... though usually when I doubt a film, I like it.

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Something stinks here, and I don't think it is just the rats.

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soon to be the next HL2.

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"computer-animated movie about rodents" :I

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interesting.lets wait for whats gonna happend.