Czech studio reflects on Black Mirror sequel

A new point-and-click game is in development at Future Games; demand from fans prompted the sequel, studio says.


Fans of atmospheric adventure games have another title to keep an eye on, with the announcement that the Black Mirror game is getting a follow-up. The sequel is currently in the early concept stages at Czech studio Future Games, the same company that worked on the first Black Mirror title.

The original game was released in October 2003 in the US and May 2004 in the UK. Gamers took on the role of Samuel Gordon, returning to his ancestral home--from where the game gets its title--after a 12-year absence following the mysterious death of his grandfather.

Although the first game received mixed reviews, publisher DTP said it decided to start work on the sequel after receiving an unprecedented amount of mail from fans asking for a follow-up. DTP's senior producer, Achim Heidelauf, commented, "[To the] fans who clamoured for a new entry in the Black Mirror story...Black Mirror 2 is our answer to these calls, and we have assembled a team of experienced writers and designers to ensure that the sequel will meet the high expectations."

Black Mirror 2 will be published worldwide under DTP's Anaconda brand.

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