Cyberpunk 2077's Install Size Might Be Larger Than You Think

Cyberpunk 2077's install size allegedly hovers around 80 GB.


With the upcoming PAX gameplay reveal, the excitement for Cyberpunk 2077 isn't ending anytime soon, especially as we learn more new details, such as how the map is smaller but more tightly packed than The Witcher 3 and how the character creator allows non-binary gender options. While the game won't arrive until April 2020, players may need to start making preparations for the massive first-person shooter. Quite literally, as the game's install size allegedly hovers around 80 GB.

The European PlayStation Store reveals the 80 GB minimum required to install the game. It's possible the install size is an inaccurate placeholder, as Reddit user PhoOhThree allegedly confirmed in the Cyberpunk Discord that CD Projekt Red isn't "done with the game" and that the install size "can be more or less at the end."

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CD Projekt Red's 2015 action-RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with all its free and paid DLC, requires at least 50 GB minimum to install. The Polish developer has made no official announcement on the size of the game.

Prolific action star Keanu Reeves, who plays "legendary rockerboy" Johnny Silverhand, appeared on Microsoft's Xbox stage during E3 2019 to reveal the game's release date. In the meantime, a free Cyberpunk 2077 theme is available now on PSN.

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