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Cyberpunk 2077's Awesome Radio Stations Are Available To Preorder On Vinyl At Amazon

Bring Night City to your home with these vinyl records of Cyberpunk 2077's best radio stations.


One of the best things about Cyberpunk 2077 is how the game immerses you in its dark sci-fi world. Neon-soaked streets, roving cyborg cops, and a great selection of radio stations really sell the Night City lifestyle, and right now, you can bring some of that magic into the real world. The first two volumes of Cyberpunk 2077's various radio stations are up for preorder at Amazon, and if you're a fan of old-school formats, these could be must-have items.

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volumes 1 and 2
Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volumes 1 and 2

These freshly pressed vinyl discs sport an attractive finish. If you're not planning to dust off your dad's record player--or buy a budget-friendly modern record player that looks like your dad's old record player--you can still display them on your walls as works of modern art. Priced at $30 each ahead of their April 26 release, the first vinyl has 11 tracks from various artists across both sides and the second record has nine tracks in total. Each vinyl has a bright yellow finish and comes with a free MP3 version of the albums to listen to on your devices.

For more Cyberpunk goodness, you can also preorder the Edgerunners vinyl record ahead of its March 1 release. The Netflix anime series was a big hit when it debuted thanks to its original story, eye-popping animation, and soundtrack that tugged at the heartstrings.

It made the band Franz Ferdinand popular again, and if you want to dry your tears after listening to "Stay At Your Place," you can soak them up with these Cyberpunk 2077 graphic novel deals. There are quite a few books available. The collected Library Edition is a pretty thick tome of Night City stories that you can sit back and relax with while you listen to your shiny new vinyls.

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