Cyberpunk 2077 May Feature Driving/Flying Vehicles

There could also be vehicle combat, according to newly spotted job ads.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Cyberpunk 2077's Flying Vehicle Rumors

Cyberpunk 2077, the next major RPG from The Witcher studio CD Projekt Red, may feature vehicles, if newly discovered job ads are any indication.

The Polish studio is looking for a vehicle gameplay programmer to "create the whole architecture of vehicle-related code and the physics of driving / flying in those vehicles."

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This isn't the only vehicle-related job ad for Cyberpunk 2077, as CD Projekt Red is also hiring a vehicle gameplay designer to "create compelling vehicle-based gameplay." This includes but is not limited to vehicle handling and controls, vehicle combat, and "relevant vehicle-based AI systems."

Another requisition also mentions vehicles; a successful candidate for a concept artist position will create technical concepts for vehicles, machines, and weapons, according to the post.

CD Projekt Red appears to be on a hiring spree for Cyberpunk 2077, as it has more than 60 open positions for the game posted on its careers website. Jobs are located at the studio's main HQ in Warsaw as well as Krakow. The vehicle-related posts were discovered by All Games Delta and CGMagOnline (via GameZone).

Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled to launch sometime in the 2017-2021 window. Don't expect to see more of it until CD Projekt Red can prepare an impressive showcase for it.

"Right now it's the end of talking about Cyberpunk until we can go out there and show stuff and say, 'Hey, here it is,' because that's how we do games," CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski said. "There is too much talking about what it possibly could be, and how big, and...

"When we show it, we should show it and explain it. So I'm going to have people not read anything about Cyberpunk probably for the next... time, whatever the time will be."

The game is set in a dystopian future and is being made in partnership with Cyberpunk RPG designer Mike Pondsmith. Platforms have not been announced, but PS4, Xbox One, and PC seem likely.

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Avatar image for siarhei

Roach... Now with antigravity engines :)

Avatar image for so_hai

The title sounds kind of trite and the little scraps we hear sound consistent with that.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@pasullica: if you want to be surprised why the f*** did you click on and read the article?

Avatar image for Terrorantula

After how bad The Witcher 3 played, I have no faith in them getting vehicle physics to feel right.

Avatar image for aegis_kleais

@Terrorantula: I guess that's subjective. The Witcher 3 series earned a 98/100 for me personally. In its complete base game + expansions (actual full-length expansions! we never see these anymore!), it was a title that earned the original meaning of the word 'epic'. The control scheme was challenging, but worthy and rewarding of mastering IMO.

Avatar image for fallenrazgriz

@Terrorantula: They're hiring an entirely new set of people to make the vehicle physics work and you have no faith in them because the Witcher 3, a game that they didn't work on, played badly? Until we see gameplay footage, I see no reason to assume anything, good or bad.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@fallenrazgriz: well the horses pathfinding was bloody awful, far to many places where you'd go from a gallop to full stop on an empty track (several of which were on bloody race tracks)

Avatar image for fallenrazgriz

@SirNormanislost: Yep. Which is why i'm glad they're trying to find someone who can do better. CDPR seem to listen to people's criticisms, hopefully the flying cars are as fun as they sound. I'll remain skeptical until I see them in action though.

Avatar image for BuyaPC

Everyone has such a raging boner for this game and no one has seen anything. this is how overhype and disappointment is created for all the morons that can't think and reason for themselves. Keep in mind no one has ever done a future city real open world RPG so don't be surprised if this thing is delayed and delayed and ends up with sub par graphics and empty areas or tons of world you can't even explore especially in the third dimension (i.e. up in buildings) which is what makes a future city a future city and would add exponential amounts of time and work to fill. Keep your expectations low and youll be ok as this game is going to either be small and closed off, or large and empty lacking detail . That's just the way it is at this point

Avatar image for cyboricarus

@BuyaPC: keep our expectations low? Dude... cd project red and the creator of cyberpunk 2020 are making a cyberpunk open world game and you want us to keep them low?

Avatar image for aegis_kleais

@BuyaPC: If it was any other developer than CDPR, my expectations would be low. But this is CDPR, so I'm absolutely sure they're going to knock this game out of the freaking park. No doubts. But other devs? Not so confident.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

@BuyaPC: f*ck you

Avatar image for mdinger

@BuyaPC: "Keep in mind no one has ever done a future city real open world RPG"

Well Fallout 3 and 4 kind of are. And in many ways so is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Avatar image for kelseyjb

Don't expect this game any time soon.

Avatar image for Golden_Gonads

@kelseyjb: Not if they're still hiring concept artists, no.

Avatar image for cmfernandez316

@kelseyjb: obviously with them looking for animators, programmers still.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@supertostsuper: the only images for the game so far is all from a single scene of an android being shot to death by cops and what appears to be a Blade Runner type character.....[enforcer tasked with eliminating rogue androids or retrieval for later reprogramming] but not a lot is known about the actual game, the pen and paper games were basically like Shadowrun without magic and fantasy aspects, Cyberpunk is closer to a meld of Deus Ex and Blade Runner.....but more from what I heard...again IDK 100% and I never played the pen and paper games personally....

so no, no actual gameplay yet....

Avatar image for The_Last_Paladi

Haven't we learned anything yet about speculation on what may or may not be in games? No? Okay, carry on then...

Avatar image for mgs4gop

I'm dreaming a rainy night that neon lights reflecting all over wet roads and I'm riding a superbike at high speed and sound of tires and engine blending with super sexy soundtrack... All those things sparked in my mind just a few weeks ago when I first saw an entry image about vehicle programmer job ads on CDPR's twitter post. But looks like they removed that post but I was super excited and wonder why non of game site didn't mention about that detail so I saved the image just in case and here it is...

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@mgs4gop: it'll end up being *augmented man pushed advanced motorbike into town, the neon lights can bee seen and wet streets from the rain a few hours ago*

mechanic: hey bub, what's wrong with your bike??

Man: Blew out a tire on the way into town, i'm tracking a rogue android *shows photo* have you seen this android?

Mechanic: naww, I don't see much but new arrivals into the city that or engines, say that's an advanced bike, one of those top of the line models right??


needless to say this scene lasts 10 hours before you end up leaving......the whole game takes place over 10 years of your life......

Avatar image for mgs4gop

@darthrevenx: haha!, probably you're right man. It's sounds like one of the cliche Hollywood style nowaday action movie script but I believe CDPR will handle it in best way and surely better than us. Besides there is no such gameplay with superbikes in any rpg games so it will be really cool anyhow. Fingers crossed.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@mgs4gop: Eh, I meant that it'd be disappointing in some way....not typical schlock.....naww, most cyberpunk material is interesting, like Matrix, Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell & Deus Ex.....

I couldn't get into Witcher but Cyberpunk seems up my alley but most everything this gen has been disappointing....

Avatar image for mgs4gop

@darthrevenx: I think cyberpunk genre games needs alot fresh blood and value than any other. Didn't played Mankind Divided yet but Shadowrun Dragonfall is my personal top pick. I really love this genre I love every quality piece of sci-fi and cyberpunk, as book, movie, game or whatever.

And yet you mention those titles and my mind just blown away especially for GitS, Blade Runner and first Matrix movie. Because Reloaded and Revolutions was almost mediocre imo. So I'm also worry about upcoming Blade Runner title but Denis Villeneuve, Roger Deakins and Johann Johannsson keep on whispering my ears and say "relax man, don't worry that so much". On the other hand I'm hundred percent certainly believe that the upcoming Hollywood made GitS gonna be piece of shame...

Avatar image for d_

Lets hope this isn't another overhyped game thats gonna play like crap, aka StarCitizen. I want it to do well, just like any other future PC games since im real close to getting my first really capable PC (laptop), & there's only a small handful of games on the horizon im looking forward to.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

@d_: Dude Star Citizen's still not out.

Avatar image for Sgt-Damain

Maybe they should hire Sean Murray as their PR person, a well informed consumer is always a good thing...

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

I don't like games set in the future. I never have. Then again, I'm not too fond of fantasy games set in the olden days either, but The Witcher was able to quickly change that. The writing was superb. The dialogue, music, and animation all blended together very well. The world was beautiful and the storyline was fantastic! if the same team, or at least most of them, is behind this, then it may just be enough to alter my stance on games in this genre as well. Here's hoping they make a game even more successful than number three in their Witcher franchise!

On another note, adding vehicles may just be the thing needed to add a big enough new element of gameplay to pull in a new crowd. Excited to see more! I just hope they don't rush anything based solely on the fact that people are excited and they suddenly feel the need to rush something to us. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Avatar image for cyboricarus

@jayskoon93: check out deus ex mankind divided if you want to play a cyberpunk game with a world that you can relate to

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

@jayskoon93: "I don't like games set in the future. I never have. Then again, I'm not too fond of fantasy games set in the olden days either"

WTF you only like the present?? D:

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

@Mega_Skrull: Pretty much, yeah. It's just my preference.

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

@jayskoon93: Ah, not hating or anything, just thought it was really weird, and a real pity since you'll be missing out so much

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

@Mega_Skrull: I understand. I just have a really hard time getting into worlds I can't relate to. Granted, there are a few exceptions like The Witcher and Fallout, but for the most part, I like having games with current real world familiarity.

Avatar image for camou504

I like the Fallout 4 approach in silence and reveal when you're close to a release date. I've been hearing about this game for like 2 years and its still nowhere close to being in my palms which makes me kinda sad honestly

Avatar image for froidnite

@camou504: Bethesda's parent company is privately owned. Publicly traded companies don't have the luxury of keeping what they are spending all the money on and how they are going to make money in the near future a secret if they want to keep the investors happy.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@camou504: 2 years? HAHA. it was first revealed 2012.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

If anyone has a time machine, please take me with you to the future.

Avatar image for jgui

Time will tell, as always.

In CD PRojekt RED, we trust.

Avatar image for ganondorf77

NX might be possible, because... why not? xDDDD I'll stay in my lollipop cloud till it's denied.

Avatar image for Lach0121

Seems cool, but I was not impressed with Witcher (original game) combat, it was some of the clunkier implementations, and executions.

I have yet to play 2, or 3, mostly due to time limitations and my other agendas which eat that time up. But I have respect for the world of The Witcher. I read, hear, see that there are some really nice locations, characters, monsters/creatures.

But I am a bit burned out on the fantasy setting. I much prefer a hybrid setting, or a sci-fi setting.

Avatar image for Cataclysmic0001

@Lach0121: Not sure if you mean the combat system or how it felt, but the first Witcher used the Neverwinter Nights engine, which I imagine was a pain in the ass for getting real time combat to function well.

Avatar image for Lach0121


I was speaking of how it felt.

Avatar image for mrbojangles25

That'd be cool! Hopefully they do a better job with it than they did with mounted horse combat in The Witcher 3

Avatar image for gerr

@mrbojangles25: They add horse combat only becouse ppl want that. Geralt dont fight on horse.

Avatar image for jgui

@mrbojangles25: HEY!!! low your voice talking about Roach! How dare you?

Avatar image for ethanm1834

Ugh I dread the combat. Combat has been a bane for CDPR, in my experience of playing 2/3 of the witcher. 2 I didn't even finish and 3 is almost done. The story and monsters are the only things holding me to that series.

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