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Cyberpunk 2077 Isn't Planned For Removal From Xbox Store, But Does Have Warning Message

The game is still available for purchase, but you can get a full refund for the digital Xbox version.


On December 17, Sony made the unprecedented move to remove Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store and started offering full refunds for digital copies of the game. This decision was made after players ran into issues trying to receive a refund using Sony's traditional request system, but the game doesn't appear to be disappearing from the Microsoft Store.

According to a statement CD Projekt co-CEO Adam Kicinski gave to Reuters, the company isn't in talks with Microsoft to have the game removed. However, this doesn't mean that Xbox players are being left out in the cold.

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As of now, you will see a warning message on the game's listing page for Xbox:

"Users may experience performance issues when playing this game on Xbox One consoles until this game is updated."

Players have already reported being able to get a refund on their purchase when contacting Microsoft support. As of December 18, Microsoft is also offering full refunds to anyone who purchased a digital Xbox copy "until further notice." the game is still available when searching for it on the Microsoft Store website.

“We know the developers at CD Projekt Red have worked hard to ship Cyberpunk in extremely challenging circumstances. However, we also realize that some players have been unhappy with the current experience on older consoles," Microsoft said in a statement to GameSpot. "To date, we have granted refunds to the vast majority of customers who have requested one. To ensure that every player is able to get the experience they expect on Xbox, we will be expanding our existing refund policy to offer full refunds to anyone who purchased Cyberpunk 2077 digitally from the Microsoft Store, until further notice."

The game is still available for sale for Xbox and Xbox Series X|S owners, as well, though we can't recommend purchasing it on last-gen hardware. If you bought it at Best Buy, you can return it--even if it was the digital card--for a full refund as well. As of right now, Best Buy is the only major retailer offering this sort of refund. However, as shown in the tweet below, CD Projekt Red says it will give refunds out of its own pocket if retailers do not provide them.

Cyberpunk 2077 launched in a woefully rough state across all platforms--we had plenty of issues while playing the PC version for our Cyberpunk 2077 review--but it was particularly unfinished on Xbox One and PS4. The issues ranged from physics and scripting problems to textures not loading correctly and full crashes. In the wake of these issues, four of CD Projekt's executives lost an estimated $1 billion in stock value, and the company's share price has taken a huge hit.

Cyberpunk 2077 has planned native Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions in the works, likely for 2021, as well as a standalone multiplayer experience. It isn't clear yet how the game's launch issues will affect these plans, but what is clear is development on the versions already available is far from finished.

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