Cyberpunk 2077 has multiplayer

CD Projekt Red managing director confirms upcoming role-playing game will have unspecified "multiplayer features."


Cyberpunk 2077 will have a multiplayer component. Developer CD Projekt Red managing director Adam Badowski confirmed the news to Eurogamer, but did not go into greater detail.

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"It will be a story-based RPG experience with amazing single-player playthroughs, but we're going to add multiplayer features," Badowski said.

Badowski also confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will not cast players as a predefined hero but rather allow them to forge their own creation. "We'll have different situations in Cyberpunk," Badowski said. "Cyberpunk will have different character classes."

Cyberpunk 2077 puts players into a "dark future" in 2077 where advanced technologies have become "both the salvation and the curse of humanity." The game promises a nonlinear story designed for "mature" players and is set in the metropolis of Night City. It has also been revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will feature sandbox elements, though this was not detailed.

CD Projekt Red's other project, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, may also include multiplayer. The developer recently said it was "thinking about something" related to a series-first multiplayer option for the 2014-dated role-playing game.

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Avatar image for sknight175216

I have no reason not to trust CD. :)

Avatar image for Crystal_McGhee

No thanks...

Avatar image for Seifer24

Lets see if they will give freedom this time cause witcher 2 was not letting you fall from certain ramps.It had to be certain ramps or cliffs that you could use which sucks badly

Avatar image for TohouAsura

... Makes sense I guess. CyberPunk IS a social game.

However, I expect CDPR to NOT do what other companies do and just shoehorn some TPS action Deathmatches and slap the MP logo on it.

I don't need that crap. EA already ruined ME3 and DS3 with that, and it certainly did not do any favours for Tomb Raider.

Rather, i'd like to see the players immerse themselves in the worlds of other players, sort of "connecting to them" through single play.

A good example would be Dark Souls. Hopefully not as sadistic though.

Avatar image for rhymesmatter

@TohouAsura Hahahah Sadistic! couldn't have put it better myself :P

Avatar image for Zero_resistance

This and Shadowrun returns?

I'm gonna be all cyberpunked out.

Avatar image for Fastphase1

I hope The Witcher 3 doesn't have multiplayer. But Cyberpunk? Pen-and-paper RPG's are meant to play with people. If it's like Neverwinter Nights then it'll be amazing.

Avatar image for Psycold

@Fastphase1 Yea I don't see how people can complain about this in any way shape or form. Not that the bitching is all that bad right now, but this is not Mass Effect or Dead Space so they aren't ruining a beloved franchise if they add multiplayer. They set the standard for Cyberpunk once they release the first game in the series, multiplayer or not.

Avatar image for cfstar

I just love how everyone always goes on about how great old school RPGs were and how "hxc" they were and how multiplayer ruins everything yet, they no one around here seems to be ever remember/know how the Baldur's Gate series had multiplayer.

Avatar image for snxx

@cfstar Probably because it was just another options on the main menu that nobody clicked. :D

Now, on a more serious tone: yes, Baldur's Gate had, indeed, a multiplayer option, but it was a tackled on feature with no impact whatsoever on single player, that because the game was made for single player and multiplayer was just a silly afterthought. Evebody ignored it and all was fine. At that time this wasn't perceived as a problem.

Nowadays developers just can't get away doing that: if you claim your game has multiplayer, it must have it on at least "decent" level. The "problem" here is that lots mechanics well fitted for a singleplayer just won't work as well for multiplayer, on Baldur's Gate that wasn't a "problem", but would be unacceptable today. You have to build the entire game and it's mechanics from the ground up taking in consideration both modes, and that usually diminishes single-player mode in the eyes of many - or at least makes the whole game less unique and more "generic".

Avatar image for Pr0ving4Gr0undz

Multiplayer will ruin the single player experience.

- Gamespot Community only

Avatar image for VarietyMage

If it has an always-on internet requirement, I'm not buying it. Stop the BS now, please, or you're not getting my money. I *really* want to play this game, but if you turn it into an MMO like Diablo 3 or SimCity, I'm not buying it. You have been warned.

Avatar image for GreggD

@VarietyMage Yes, because CDPR has a VAST and terrible reputation of shoehorning bullshit DRM into their products.

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@GreggD @VarietyMage I know right. Nowadays you can only look to companies such as EA and Activision to provide quality products and customer care.

Avatar image for TohouAsura

@fullxtent @Total_mischief @GreggD @VarietyMage Hello there, Sheldon.

Avatar image for 96augment

@fullxtent @Total_mischief @GreggD @VarietyMage Your sarcasm meter is broken.

Avatar image for fullxtent

@Total_mischief @GreggD @VarietyMage

Are you kidding me?! EA and Activision are the worst...

Avatar image for Snowx1

While I have never played nor heard about cyberpunk in any form, including the tabletop game, I have to say that it sounds like a could be interesting. The setting sounds unique and i'm curious to see how the game turns out:). I could be wrong, but it gives off a Deus Ex: Human Revolution vibe to me.

Avatar image for RustedTruck650

Man!! It seems that that this awesome looking game is also coming to the PS4 and that means that i'll be buying it on day 1. That is, of course, if the title ends up being worthy of a purchase. Dark Souls 2 will be my priortiy purchase for the PS4 as an RPG game though.

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@RustedTruck650 Having played CDProjekt Red's games and Dark Souls...I'd tell you to switch the priority order on those two. Not that Dark Souls is bad, it's amazing...but it's not CDProjekt amazing :p

Avatar image for ArmorGod

As usual...creatures from under the bridge lumber out in search of prey during their nightly (s)troll.

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Cooperative multiplayer, yes. Competitive multiplayer, no. Seems that no genre is safe from multiplayer. If it's done right, I'll be okay with it though I will probably never play it. I'm all about the single-player experience for the most part.

Avatar image for Daian

Not sure how I feel about this, as long as it doesn't detract the single player experience then whatever I guess.

Avatar image for KamikazeDonut


Since you seem pretty interested in making RPG's for tabletop games why not make a Vampire the Masquerade game, huh?

Avatar image for snxx

@KamikazeDonut The problem here is CCP (EVE Online developers) merged with White Wolf (Vampire's publisher) a few years ago and now own the right for making games based on the whole World of Darknes. Also, there is a somewhat vaporware "World of Darkness" MMO in development by CCP - it was announced years ago and, despite a trailer release last year, there's not much information about it.

Avatar image for KamikazeDonut

@snxx @KamikazeDonut

Because the market needs to be saturated with more MMOs -_-.

Avatar image for Stiler

@KamikazeDonut I'd love to see them take on the entire "World of Darkness" and not just Vampire, or perhaps do a Werewolf: The Apocalypse first then vampire releated game.

Mainly because we have had VTM:B and a few other good vampire releated game series (Legacy of Kain) but we haven't had a single decent Werewolf based game series, and I think CD Projekt red could do it justice.

That whole setting would be ripe for some good games imo.

Avatar image for KamikazeDonut

@Stiler @KamikazeDonut

That would be cool, I looked into it and it would be interesting to see an RPG for Werewolf: The Wild West, but I could see Dark Ages: Werewolf as another option, one that is easier to pull off too.

Avatar image for TruthTellers

The title of this game is going to change for sure; no way Cyberpunk 2077 is the launch title for this game.

Avatar image for FreedomPrime

@TruthTellers the game is based off of cyberpunk 2020, a pen and paper game. it takes place in the same universe just a few years later... so no, this is the title.

Avatar image for RustedTruck650

@TruthTellers So, you worry about a title?

Avatar image for Dysantic

Can't wait. I haven't been this hyped for a game in a while. I hope it is as good as it sounds

Avatar image for myungish

Not sure how I feel about this. RPGs and multiplayer generally don't mix well, but CDPR hasn't let us down so far. So I'll give them a fair shot before making my mind up. I hope against all hope that this, and their consideration of putting a multiplayer mode into The Witcher 3, isn't just to appeal to a broader audience, and they actually have a good idea that would enhance the experience without compromising anything.

Avatar image for Twist_of_Cain87

Co-op only please. PVP or Competitive will just be irritating.

Avatar image for starduke

Here's hoping for co-op!

Competitive multiplayer leaves me severely underwhelmed.

Avatar image for madjack1812

Baldur's Gate 2 had multi-player. Just saying...

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@madjack1812 So much win in this post.

Avatar image for _Judas_

hmmm...this awesome-looking trailer for "Cyberpunk 2077" first appeared in 2012? I wonder how much like the trailer the finished product will look when released in 2015. Hopefully for PS4

Avatar image for TransvormerSCol

Well, it's not uncommon that most people rejects the multiplayer feature. Actually, most people only knows developer who are already gotten bogged to money so games were never worth paying more attention in development. It seems like CD Projekt is the last developer/pubisher existing who is still setting to true development of games and didn't lose focus on it yet. Unfortunately there are still people who don't know that or who have lost hope into this.

But I say you, these guys from CD Projekt are going to revolutionise with their projects and rejects of DRM-like protections, you will see! CD Projekt already entered this stage, they won't renege on their promises.

CD Projekt has my fully endorsement for Cyberpunk 2077 and for its multiplayer feature as well :)

Let's see what will be next.

Avatar image for daviz88

multiplayer? i have nothing against multiplayer even though i am not a big fan of them but i think developer i becoming a little to immense into this multiplayer aspect.for instance look at this cyberpunk we know nothing about this game and their already singing about multiplayer makes wonder maybe this is on those games that focus on multiplayer than single campaign.

Avatar image for Sydrum

I kinda hope they change the name. It's too out there if you know what i'm saying. They didn't name Witcher "Ladykiller antagonist set in stereotypical fantasy world 1124 A.Z." did they?

Avatar image for Tha_Rnar

@Sydrum Why would they? It's a game based on the table-top rpg Cyberpunk 2020, so it wouldn't make sense to change its name.

Avatar image for Sydrum

@Tha_Rnar @Sydrum oh see i didn't know that. thx.

Avatar image for Tha_Rnar

will probably be co-op, Cyberpunk is after all a tabletop role playing game and who wouldn't want to play with their comrades from their group and CD-Projekt is after all seasoned tabletop veterans, so they probably share the same opinion.

Avatar image for Armyboy5

YES!!! Awesome! so pre-ordering this

I have alot of confidence in you, CD-Projekt, make this work!

Avatar image for xdrmonkeyfishx

All aboard the multiplayer hate train! choo-choo!

Avatar image for hellangel_boy

I think the important thing about whether a dev of a game adds multiplayer to the game or not; is to have a full vision of what that multiplayer will be and how it will fit the game altogether. But, forcing the multiplayer just because the dev or the pub think it's the best way to get money over longer period of time though DLC and microtansactions is just wrong and stupid.

Avatar image for Liquid_

what kind of game is this? Fps?

Avatar image for uxtull

We don't even know yet how the game will look like or how MP component will work, but somehow people already know it'll suck. I'm sure MP won't be mandatory to play the game anyway.