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Cyberpunk 2077: Every New Weapon Shown During Night City Wire Episode 2

The latest livestream for CD Projeckt Red's new open-world RPG showcased some new weapons, here are the ones that stood out.


CD Projekt Red's upcoming open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, features some in-depth mechanics in a massive world. In the second episode of the developer's online web series, Night City Wire, the focus was on the different lifepaths you can take with your interpretation of V, the protagonist of the game. But another big focus of the episode was to showcase the different weapons you can acquire in-game.

In a segment called Tools of Destruction, we got to see some of the newest weapons divided into numerous categories. These categories are power, tech, smart, melee, and cyberware varieties. While we did get to see some familiar favorites once again, such as the Mantis Blades cyberware upgrade, we also got to see more of what's to come in Cyberpunk 2077. Here's a quick roundup of some of the coolest weapons and upgrades we got to see in the stream.

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Firstly, here's a quick refresher on the different categories you can find in the game:

  • Power Weapons: Contemporary firearms that have bullets that ricochet.
  • Tech Weapons: High-powered guns that can pierce surfaces and multiple targets.
  • Smart Weapons: Advanced firearms that have homing rounds, which will follow targeted enemies.
  • Melee Weapons: Close-range weapons that have been modified with specifics perks.
  • Cyberware: Cybernetic upgrades that grant V special attacks and abilities.
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A pump-action shotgun that can fire ricochet rounds and can be modified to increase magazine size.

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Tsunami Nekomata

This sniper-rifle is a specialized Tech Weapon that can pierce targets and surfaces. Shots are charged up, which fire energy-based rounds. The scope for this sniper rifle can be upgraded multiple times.

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TKI-20 Shingen

The TKI-20 Shingen is a special sub-machine gun that has tracer rounds. With the targeting system activated, this Smart Weapon fires bullets that will home in on enemies, even following them around corners. This weapon can be modified to fire non-lethal rounds.

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Thermal Katana

This special Katana is a melee weapon with a superheated edge. It can be used for stealth or for close-range combat encounters. Along with normal attacks, it can parry melee strikes, opening up enemies for quick finishers.

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Mantis Blades

This Cyberware upgrade is a close-range cybernetic coming from the Arasaka corporation. This upgrade grants V large arm blades that can be used in stealth and combat encounters. While we've seen this upgrade many times before, the recent episode of Night City Wire showed off some of the finishers you can pull off with the cybernetic upgrade.

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Gorilla Arms

This Cyberware upgrade grants V increased strength and endurance. The upgrade allows for superior unarmed combat, but it also grants V the option to dismantle turrets and use them.

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Projectile Launch Systems

Another new Cyberware upgrade we saw was the Projectile Launch System, which gives V an arm cannon. As shown in the trailer, V's arm transforms into a missile launcher.

In addition to these new weapons, we learned a bit more about the upgrades and modifications you can use on your guns. In addition to replacing stocks, barrels, and other attachments, you can also place software mods onto weapons. These not only will grant some stat buffs for your guns, but will alter some aspects of them as well. The one big change you can make with your weapon is switching between lethal and non-lethal rounds.

Another important note was that some of the guns shown in the Night City Wire were tied to specific quests and characters. While you can buy many weapons or find them in loot caches around Night City and the Badlands, some weapons can only be acquired from specific characters. In some cases, you'll have to choose whether to keep these individuals or take them out if you want to gain their gear.

For more on Cyberpunk 2077, including the latest episode of GameSpot's series focusing on the lore of the sci-fi RPG series, be sure check out our HUB on all things going on with the game.

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