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Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says It Is "Totally, Fully Committed" To Expanding The Franchise

"There's going to be new stuff in the future."


The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red's futuristic RPG Cyberpunk 2077 had its share of issues, but the Polish studio remains committed to the game and plans to expand the IP further. CD Projekt's business development boss, Michal Nowakowski, said during an earnings call that, although the studio plans to release just one expansion for Cyberpunk 2077--Phantom Liberty--fans of the game can expect the universe to continue to grow.

"We're totally, fully committed to developing the Cyberpunk IP further, beyond this particular Cyberpunk expansion," he said, as reported by IGN. "We've put a lot of effort and time into building this franchise and we definitely want to continue to build upon what was built right now--with new stories, new experiences, new content, basically. Not just the video game format... In terms of expansions, there's just going to be one major expansion. However, there's going to be new stuff in the future."

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Cyberpunk 2077 has already expanded beyond the game itself, as Netflix produced an anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, that releases today, September 13.

In terms of games, CD Projekt was making a Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer game but plans may have shifted. The studio said it has made the choice to "reconsider" plans for this multiplayer game, according to TechRadar.

Despite its rocky start, Cyberpunk 2077 sold more than 18 million copies to become one of the most commercially successful role-playing games in history.

In addition to more Cyberpunk, CD Projekt Red is making The Witcher 4 and potentially The Witcher 5 after that. Other upcoming projects at CD Projekt Red include the new-generation re-release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2022 and the previously discussed Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 in 2023.

CD Projekt also recently acquired Boston-based studio The Molasses Flood, which is making an "ambitious" new title.

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