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Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Responds To Death Threats Over Delay

Game's design lead asks fans to remember that "we are people" as another explains why a tweet suggesting no more delays was an error rather than dishonesty.


CD Projekt Red announced what will presumably be the last delay to Cyberpunk 2077, pushing it back by a mere 21 days to make more time for the day zero patch. It is understandably a bummer. But this being the Internet, some sliver of the population went way too far with it, prompting the team to request an end to the death threats.

RPG design lead Andrej Zawadzki said on Twitter that he understands why fans may feel angry or disappointed, but sending death threats is unacceptable. "We are people, just like you," he said.

Much of the anger seems to have stemmed from a tweet sent by the Cyberpunk Twitter account, just one day before the delay announcement, promising no more delays. While many fans took it in stride as a somewhat embarrassing mishap for the repeatedly-delayed game, others claimed it showed CDPR had intentionally misled its fans.

CDPR's Fabian Mario Dohla addressed this as well, in response to Zawadzki's tweet. He took personal responsibility for the "full confirmation" tweet, but explained that for legal reasons related to it being a public company, not all employees have foreknowledge of delay plans. So he simply sent the tweet not realizing it would be contradicted the next day.

"Long story short: CP Twitter (and therefore our studio - as it’s an official channel) did not lie on purpose," he said. "I simply didn't know. Apologies."

The latest Cyberpunk delay was met with a bit of a collective groan, given that it's been announced since 2012 and suffered multiple delays already. This one came after it had already "gone gold," meaning the code has been submitted for certification. But CDPR is still working on a day zero patch to address bugs before players get their hands on it, and that's the element that needed a little more time. Its new release date is December 10. You can read our Cyberpunk 2077 review now.

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