Cyberpunk 2077 Dataminer Finds Hints At New Quests

A data miner digging through the 1.21 patch for Cyberpunk says they found evidence of new quests, additions to existing ones, and more.


The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 may be hiding bits of unannounced content. A data miner claims to have found evidence of a new story episode centered in the Pacifica region along with supplements to existing quests and other additions.

Eurogamer reports that the data miner romulus_is_here used the modding tool CP77 Tools to uncover new files in the 1.21 patch outside the usual data structure from the other quests. He said that the main quests use a basic file numbering system that goes from q000 to q204. The new files added in the latest patch start with q301, and are named "story-ep1."

Some of these files have been in the game since launch, but according to Romulus, the update added a number of new files tagged "ep1." While there were only five of these files at launch, after the 1.2 patch that number has ballooned to 220 files. The files themselves appear to include new street stories, a conversation involving a new quest character named Wagner, and a reference to the Kurtz Militia. They said the story episode appears to center mostly around Pacifica.

The files also appear to include more material to supplement existing story arcs, including new dialogue for main characters or additions to side quests. The patch also appears to have added some updates to photo mode.

While the files have been inserted, though, they aren't ready to be played yet. When or whether they become playable through the game proper will be up to CD Projekt Red.

As for what the 1.21 patch actually adds right now, it's focused mostly on bug fixes that could prevent players from advancing, along with gameplay issues like one that would stop players from exiting water with a ladder. The patch also includes memory improvements to reduce crashing.

This is part of CDPR's plan for long-term Cyberpunk 2077 support, as the studio has said it won't abandon the game after its rocky launch. The issues may have impacted the studio's plans for multiplayer though, since those have since become a lot less clear. Despite all this, CD Projekt Red had a massively profitable 2020.

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