Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons Guides: Where To Find Iconic Guns And Swords

Keep your eyes out during major story and side missions to grab some of Cyberpunk 2077's most interesting, unique death-dealers.


Cyberpunk 2077 features plenty of different weapons, including those you earn as mission rewards and others you take from defeated enemies. While many weapons are quite common and easy to procure, there are also special, custom weapons scattered across the streets of Night City. These weapons, dubbed Iconic weapons, rise above the rank-and-file firearms, swords, and clubs you'll use most of the time. Iconic weapons are some of the best you'll find throughout your journey.

Though Iconic weapons are some of the best in the game, they're also easy to miss. We've compiled a list of some of the Iconic weapons you can find throughout your journey, running down what they can do, and more importantly, where you can find them. It'll make it a lot easier than trying to find them on your own. You'll be kicking ass and looking stylish while you do it.

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Fenrir -- Power Submachine Gun

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One of the earliest and extremely useful Iconic guns you can come across is Fenrir, a submachine gun that sets people on fire. A lot of guns you'll find will do thermal damage, but Fenrir has an increased chance to apply Burn to enemies, making for an extremely deadly gun. This is a great weapon to pick up early to help you get through some of the tough story fights you'll face on your way through Act 1.

Where To Find It: Sacrum Profanum Side Job, near where you find the monk in the warehouse.

Kongou -- Power Pistol

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Power pistols are fairly standard weapons, but can be very useful if you have the right cyberware to get some added functionality out of them. Power pistols can ricochet their bullets off surfaces, which you can use to your advantage with the right mods. The cool thing about Kongou is that it bypasses the need for equipping certain cyberware augments--just using the gun allows you to see potential ricochets and use it to its full capabilities.

Where To Find It: Yorinobu's penthouse on the nightstand during The Heist in Act 1.

Lizzie -- Tech Pistol

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Lizzie is a fast-firing pistol, and dumping tons of ammo on enemies quickly is part of what makes it great. It also fires an extra round per shot, and can be charged to fire a volley of shots all at once. Plus, the pistol does Thermal damage, with a low chance of inflicting Burn, and while that chance is pretty low, it puts out so much ammo that you're almost definitely going to set lots of bad guys on fire.

Where To Find It: Judy's den at Lizzie's bar, when you return there in Act 2 before Automatic Love.

Cocktail Stick -- Katana

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One of the best early swords you can find is Cocktail Stick, and it has the added benefit of being bright pink, making it kind of hilarious as you use it to behead enemies. The sword itself doesn't have too much in the way of additional perks, but it does have added chances for critical damage and to inflict Bleeding on enemies, so slice away.

Where To Find It: Clouds VIP area during the Automatic Love story quest in Act 2. Check the dressing room before reaching Woodman.

Skippy -- Smart Pistol

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Skippy is a solid smart gun--which means, if you have the right cyberware, that your bullets will change trajectory mid-air to hit your designated target--but it's more fun to have around for comic relief. The gun has a built-in artificial intelligence that talks to you. And it talks a lot. Finding Skippy starts with a funny conversation, and the gun will drop a few deadpan jokes as you fire it. Skippy scales to your level so it'll be useful no matter when you pick it up, and the AI includes an auto-fire function that will take shots on your behalf, aiming for either headshots or taking out the limbs for a nonlethal (but permanently injurious) option.

After you kill or neutralize 50 enemies with Skippy, it'll initiate a side quest that'll let you complete Skippy's story. It'll also flip Skippy's setting to the opposite of whatever you chose--either focusing on headshots or limb shots. Note that you shouldn't finish the quest, called Bullets, until you're ready to part with Skippy for good.

Where To Find It: In a back alley in The Glen, southeast of Corpo Plaza.

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Widow Maker -- Tech Precision Rifle

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Tech rifles are already some of the more useful weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to their ability to charge up and shoot through walls and cover. Widow Maker is an even better version of your standard Tech rifle because it doesn't just fire one shot through walls, but two. It also lays down Chemical damage and comes with a chance to poison enemies, just in case you don't manage to headshot everyone with your first blast.

Where To Find It: On Nash in the Raffen Scav hideout, during the Ghost Town story mission.

Cottonmouth -- One-Handed Club

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Cottonmouth is one of the best blunt weapons you'll come by in the early part of the game. It hits hard and comes with some serious added benefits: namely, it inflicts both Chemical and Electrical damage and comes with the chance to Poison and Shock enemies. That's great for taking opponents down quickly, especially if you're trying to avoid killing them, since Cottonmouth is a non-lethal weapon.

Where To Find It: On Finger's bed during the Disasterpeace story mission in Act 2.

Scalpel -- Katana

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To start with, Scalpel is a slick sword thanks to the addition of Electrical damage with every blow. It gets the added benefit of an increased chance for critical damage, as well. You get the most out of the Scalpel katana when you've got the Sandevistan cyberware equipped, though. When it's active, hits apply Bleeding and your chance to deal critical damage increases by 50%.

Where To Find It: Reward for completing the Big In Japan Side Job.

Tsumetogi -- Katana

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Tsumetogi isn't too different from Scalpel, in that it'll deal Electrical damage and potentially Shock enemies as you slice through enemies. The upside, though, is that Tsumetogi cuts the amount of Stamina it costs to swing your sword at enemies. It also gives you some slight resistance to Electrical damage, and increases your damage for "non-standard" attacks--which includes the strong attacks that are executed by holding down the attack button.

Where To Find It: Take it off the table in the room where you speak to the Tyger Claws bosses during the Pisces Side Job, as part of Judy's story arc.

Overwatch -- Power Sniper Rifle

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It's hard to come across a better sniper rifle than Overwatch. It does massive physical damage with each shot and comes with a custom silencer, making it easier to stay hidden while blasting away at enemies. It also has a relatively high critical damage chance and deals more than double damage for headshots. Overwatch is extremely powerful and can drop lots of enemies in just one shot.

Where To Find It: Reward for completing the Riders on the Storm Side Job in Panam's story arc.

Tinker Bell -- One-Handed Club

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The story that goes with Tinker Bell is pretty upsetting, but it's still a useful and powerful non-lethal weapon. It does massive Electrical damage and carries a big chance to inflict Shock on enemies, while also having a pretty good chance of landing critical damage, as well. Use a strong attack and you also get a chance to knock an enemy out in one shot.

Where To Find It: Located in The Hunt Side Job in River's story arc. Look for it in the hidden room in Peter Pan's farmhouse; you'll need to find the switch in his bedroom to reach it.

Crash -- Power Pistol

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Crash combines the increased power of revolvers with the damage-dealing capabilities of a fully automatic weapon. It does high damage and has a really good chance for landing critical hits, but if you aim down the sights and hold down the fire button, Crash flips to full-auto and unloads ammo on your target. If you want a powerful and versatile handgun, this is a great one.

Where To Find It: Reward for completing River's story arc, which starts with the I Fought The Law Side Job.

Malorian Arms 3516 -- Power Pistol

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You'll use Johnny Silverhand's pistol a few times during the main story of Cyberpunk 2077, which will show you how ridiculously powerful it is. You can eventually find the gun later and it's worth hunting. It lays down huge damage, including extra Thermal damage, and reloads very quickly. It also sports four mod slots so you can trick it out even more.

Where To Find It: Loot it from Grayson during the Chippin' In Side Job.

Apparition -- Tech Pistol

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Another useful Power pistol, Apparition is mostly a high-damage weapon that'll show up later in the game. Though it doesn't have any special elemental damage boosts, it does hit very hard with physical damage. The upshot is that Apparition monitors your health to give you boons when you get hurt. When your health is at critical, Apparition reloads faster, fires faster, and does more damage. If you charge up your shots with critical health, they'll do double damage.

Where To Find It: Complete the Warpigs Side Job and loot it off a body. This one seems to only be available to characters on the Corpo life path.

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