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Cyberpunk 2077 At E3 2019: Keanu Reeves Has Second-Most Spoken Dialogue In The Entire Game

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Reeves spent 15 days recording lines for Cyberpunk 2077.

The character that The Matrix and John Wick actor Keanu Reeves plays in Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand, is key to the story. This much we already knew. But now CD Projekt Red founder Marcin Iwinski has shared some insight into just how big a role Silverhand plays in the game this week during E3 2019.

Appearing on the E3 Coliseum stage this week, Iwinski said he wants fans to know that Reeves has much more than a cameo role in the game. In fact, only one character speaks more lines than Silverhand does (that's presumably the main character, V).

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"He's the No. 2 character in terms of lines of spoken text across the entire game," Iwinski said. He added that Reeves spent 15 days recording voice lines for Cyberpunk 2077.

"You will see a lot of Keanu and hear even more of Keanu," Iwinski said.

He added that CD Projekt Red approached Reeves about a year ago for the role. After some back and forth with his representation, Reeves read the game's script and he "immediately" got into it and wanted to be a part.

Silverhand appears as a hologram in your character's head, and he is a key character in the story. "He's a primary character in the game," lead quest designer Pawel Sasko told GameSpot.

Cyberpunk 2077 now has a release date: April 16, 2020. Look out for more Cyberpunk news as E3 goes on, including how the team got Keanu Reeves involved in the first place, and our preview of the new gameplay CD Projekt Red demoed at the show, as well as a look at its story.

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