Cyberbike pedals to US Wiis

Eko Software's stationary-bike exercise game set to make North American debut on Nintendo's console this summer.


It's been a year and a half since Nintendo last released an exercise game for its Wii console, but kinetic gamers might soon be able to give their copies of Wii Fit Plus a welcome respite. Bigben Interactive today announced that its Cyberbike stationary bike peripheral would be launching in North America this summer, packed in with the Eko Software-developed Cyberbike Cycling Sports game.

It's a Huff-and-Puffy.
It's a Huff-and-Puffy.

Already released in Europe, the Cyberbike is a magnetic resistance stationary exercise bike that plugs into the Wii through a GameCube controller port. The bike's resistance level can be adjusted with a tension control knob, and its adjustable seat can accommodate riders up to 286 lbs. The handlebars include dual analog sticks and a complement of buttons, making the peripheral compatible with any Wii game playable with Nintendo's Classic Controller.

As for the game designed specifically for the peripheral, Cyberbike Cycling Sports includes Story and Fitness modes, as well as a multiplayer mode where participants take turns riding the bike. The Story mode puts players in control of a variety of pedal-powered vehicles and challenges them to race through 18 circuits, while the Fitness mode simply lets the user set a time, distance, or calories-burned goal and runs until that mark is reached.

Pricing for the package has not yet been determined, but a Bigben representative told GameSpot that details should be locked down within a month.

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