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CW's The Flash Shares First Look at Jordan Fisher's Impulse

The Allen family of the future grows as Bart Allen--DC's Impulse--comes to visit his parents-to-be.


Two original cast members are on their way out at CW's The Flash, but a new speedster will soon join the ranks, growing the Allen family by one. The CW has revealed the first official photo of Impulse, who will be played by Jordan Fisher for the second half of the show's seventh season.

The image shows Fisher in Impulse's white-and-red suit with his yellow goggles. Bart Allen in the comics was a distant relative of Barry's, born in the 30th century, while this Bart will be Barry and Iris' son. Fisher will also be playing an older version of the character, who has typically been portrayed as a teenager in the comic pages.

Fisher is set to join The Flash for the show's 150th episode, for which actress Jessica Parker Kennedy will also return as Nora West-Allen/XS. Fisher will also be a recurring character throughout the remainder of the season. The show's 144th episode, Family Matters, Part 1, aired this week, so it seems likely that this episode will air sometime in July.

The Flash is currently wrapping up the seventh season's first storyline with next week's episode, Family Matters, Part 2. Beginning with season 6, the show runners began to break the show up into two shorter storylines rather than depending on one villain or Crisis to keep the full season running. The Flash has been renewed for Season 8, but there's no word yet on whether Impulse will become a regular for the show.

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